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Apprentice at VRX Conference

Format: article

Topics: company news, industry perspectives

Some of the Apprentice team shipped up to Boston this May for the VRX Immersive Enterprise Conference.   The event explores how virtual, augmented and mixed reality transform training, operations, design and marketing across industries. Augmented reality and mixed reality area revolutionizing enterprises.

We’re seeing a massive impact on how people interact within their workspace, and how they carry out processes. This is the age of seamless remote working & assistance capabilities.

Apprentice CEO & Co-Founder, Angelo Stracquatanio, sat on a panel that discussed the power of immersive tech and how it’s revolutionizing pharma and healthcare. The AR and VR industries have made a profound impact on people’s lives, in all aspects of healthcare. From R&D drug discovery to manufacturing, AR and VR are delivering unique solutions to facilitate better research and production.