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    Jun 23, 2022
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“My objective in life is to help people. It fulfills me to know I’m making it easier for time-stressed people in manufacturing to get rid of the struggle and deliver therapeutics to patients faster.”

Get to Know Eileen

What motivates you? Helping others by making their jobs easier through automation. I love my customers; I really want to help them by bringing this technology into their lives!

What’s your work superpower? Taking very complicated information and breaking it down into very easy-to-understand ways for people. Finding the simplicity that’s there and pulling it through. 

What’s your non-work superpower? Being the best mother I can be to my three children, and being the best wife I can be to my husband. Family is everything to me. I’ll crawl through the mud if I have to for my family, and I’ve had to. I’ll do whatever it takes to help them become successful individuals.

What do you love about working at Apprentice? There's so much... but these three things come to mind:

  1. The caliber of the people. I’m so proud to work with my colleagues. I wish I could get to know all of them. I just feel a connection with them; we’re all on this journey to digitize the manual drudgery of paperwork.
  2. Apprentice allows me to share technology with my kids, so they understand where it is now and what it will mean to them as they move into the workforce. And we’re changing the industry, that’s what we’re doing with our technology.
  3. Most companies are static, but we truly invest in our technology. Anyone who thinks MES is easy has another thing coming. But with Apprentice, we make it easy. Our Customer Success Managers make the entire process seamless, holding our clients’ hands every step of the way. It’s so exciting to be here, and I can’t wait to see what Angelo does next with the company.

How do you spend your free time? I love to fly fish in the Catskills in New York. It’s my favorite place. Fly fishing is a science, because you have to figure out what the trout want. You can’t just throw a line into the river  - hope trout will take it. They’re smart.  It’s  challenging, but rewarding too when I hook one. Like Sales - have to get attention with the right message at the right time.

Where do you like to travel? In addition to the Catskills, I live in SW Florida part-time. The Naples beaches are  beautiful, and I love Ireland. And one of these days I’ll visit Chincoteague, Virginia to get myself an island pony!

Eileen’s Career Journey

Not only is Eileen an industrial automation aficionado, she’s also a medical technology pathologies expert with a heart of gold.

Eileen started her career in pharma, where she worked with oncology and hematology patients participating in clinical trials. She saw first hand the difficulties these people faced, and how hard they fought to stay alive; many died waiting for new therapeutics to become available. 

“Behind every drug or gene therapy, there’s a patient.”

Her primary life objective is to help others, which is why Eileen uses her scientific background to connect with life science companies and demonstrate how Apprentice’s cutting-edge technology streamlines drug development and manufacturing. 

From planning batches with greater precision and speed to monitoring data, performing investigations, and assessing performance, Eileen takes complicated information and breaks it into easy-to-grasp, simplified insights. 

“I am all about the technology and making it easier to get therapeutics to patients faster.”

She equates Apprentice technology to “breathing fresh air” into life science companies’ lungs, and this is what motivates her to give 110% on a daily basis. 

All-Star Shoutouts

There’s no doubt about it — teamwork makes the dream work. For Eileen, there are several people who inspire her on a daily basis, including: 

Gary Pignata, Co-Founder/VP Sales:

“I’ve learned many nuances from Gary regarding sales. He’s like superman - he can turn a deal around. His knowledge and skill allows customers to see the compelling reasons why they should get Apprentice Technology. He’s helped me so much and I appreciate whenever he can get on a call with me. He’s real and funny — I love his humor. At the heart of it he wants all of his reps to succeed. He helps us do that.” 

Adam Green, Director of Sales, Apprentice:

“He always listens. He’s empathetic. Sales is emotional and challenging — it’s 99% rejection. But that 1%, we celebrate it. Adam understands because he’s in it. He’s such a perfect bridge. We have the best technology and we want to get it out there, because we want to help deliver therapeutics to patients when they need it most. He gets it. It’s so great to have a manager who has my back.”

Frank Maggiore, Chief Futurist, Apprentice:

“Frank is a genius. Whenever he speaks, I listen. No matter the subject, there’s so much to learn and glean from him. He’s the type of person who’s always one step ahead of everyone, and it comes naturally.” 

Angelo Stracquatanio, CEO & Co-Founder, Apprentice:

“When I met Angelo, I couldn’t even talk. I knew right away, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he was going to be one of the greats. He will go down in this industry as one of the greatest innovators in life sciences.”

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Eileen’s Words of Wisdom

“When Einstein would try to solve a mathematical equation, he wouldn’t sit in the lab. Instead, he would go play violin for the ladies of Princeton.

When we take our focus off the problem at hand, it allows our creative powers — which we are all born with — to come to the surface.”

Bonus Adorability: Puppies & Holidays

Say hello to Eileen’s two adorable puppies, Rocky and Bella.

And a parting image to remind you that even geniuses take holidays: the Sullivan-Scully clan wishing season’s greetings to all.

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