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Pharma Collaboration & Troubleshooting

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Life science teams require a long-term solution for operators, scientists, engineers and vendors from anywhere in the world to communicate and troubleshoot quickly and easily, while maintaining safety.

Connect global teams and experts in real-time, across multiple languages, hands-free. Teams within the same facility, or from multiple site locations can now work together to troubleshoot, guide and monitor. Remain focused and flexible by using hands-free devices, or connect via laptop, tablet or phone in more flexible environments.

Access augmented reality tools, multi-language support, screen sharing, live drawing and more. Connect to Tandem from any device making global communication easy, instant and reliable. Troubleshoot, monitor, support and collaborate in real-time.


Deploy quickly and easily with 4 quick steps to start

  1. Devices ship preconfigured
  2. Connect to WiFi
  3. Train remotely
  4. Begin collaborating & troubleshooting