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RealWear Global Summit

Format: article

Topics: company news, augmented solutions

Apprentice co-founders headed to Devils Canyon Brewing in San Carlos, CA this May for the RealWear Global Summit.  The summit focused on industry news and RealWear product updates.

We chatted with company leaders  and customers about RealWear’s roadmap, best practices for deployment and customer use cases.

Apprentice CEO & Co-Founder, Angelo Stracquatanio, was invited to give a presentation on the Factory of the Future. His presentation discussed drug manufacturing, the demands of workers within that industry, and how to leverage the HMT-1 device and augmented reality within those environments.

Apprentice frequently utilizes the HMT-1 for individuals working in complex environments. Complex environments, such as drug manufacturing, require hands-free access to critical data during task completion. Sophisticated wearables are an industry game-changer.

Wearables have come a long way over the years. Hardware developers have made strides in designing AR-enabled smart glasses with the user in mind. With the growth of mixed reality (XR), we’re seeing companies like RealWear, Microsoft (HoloLens), MagicLeap and others set the stage for next level hands-free workflow and collaboration.