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October News

October was a busy month for Apprentice! We exhibited at trade shows, attended the Magic L.E.A.P conference, participated in some New Jersey-focused events and hosted a local meetup group! Here’s a recap of where we went & what we did...


The Apprentice booth saw lots of great traction at this year's Enterprise Wearable Technology Show in Austin, Texas. This is the most comprehensive and longest-running event dedicated to the business and industrial applications for wearables.


Apprentice participated at this year's ISPE Trade Show in Philadelphia, which focused on Connecting Pharmaceutical Knowledge. We  had the opportunity to network with executives and provide demos in a mini laboratory.


This year our new friends at the NY Media Lab invited us to participate in this year’s NYVR Expo at the Jacob Javits Center.

The NYVR Expo holds sessions about the latest development and production techniques, market strategies, and educational experiences related to AR and VR. NYVR pulls together the brightest minds in the VR/AR space including those who make, sell, or purchase reality-based content, platforms, and software – like us! The VR/AR Association, which we belong to, also stopped by to interview us. We were thrilled to be a part of this experience and hope to participate again next year!

L.E.A.P Con

Magic Leap held it's inaugural developers’ conference this month and dove further into the "Magicverse," teasing their new Luna app and Avatar chat. They also announced new supportive tools for developers.

Jersey City Tech Meetup

We were proud to host a Halloween-themed Jersey City Meetup group this month in our Jersey-City headquarters. Our Apprentice CEO & Co-founder, Angelo Stracquatanio, did a demo of our all-day workflow platform and discussed the evolution of AR and wearables. After the show, attendees used our Magic Leap devices to fight against the augmented robot apocalypse, right here in our office.

NJ Tech Weekly

Our favorite local tech publication wrote a feature story about  what we've been up to  since our first round of funding. We chatted with Editor-in-Chief, Ester Surden, about our amazing customers, new platform features and where we’re headed next. Here’s an excerpt:

“We will be investing a lot more in our AR.” Stracquatanio noted that the company’s motto is “We don’t just augment reality, we augment human ability.” So Apprentice will be bringing in more AI capabilities, more machine learning capabilities and more contextualization capabilities. “We want to use augmented reality to have a better understanding of where the individual is, what they are working on and what they are interacting with, and stitch all this together to create a very sophisticated engine that will empower the individual as they go through their workflow.” Check out the full article here

Tech Tribune

Apprentice was listed in the top three for best 2019 startups in Jersey City! Check out the full write up here.

NJ Tech Council

We had the pleasure of joining our friends at the NJ Tech Council for their fall networking event in New Brunswick. We have greatly enjoyed being a part of this organization and learning from fellow tech enthusiasts and professionals.

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