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CEO & Co-Founder, Angelo Stracquatanio, defines Apprentice's role in empowering modern life science manufacturing.

Trusted by 15 of the Top 20 Pharma Companies, Including:

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Creating Real Success for Our Customers

Market-leading CDMO with a $20 billion market cap
+ Apprentice


reduction in deviations


reduction in batch record documentation

2000 hrs

saved in compliance/review acts over a year

Top 10 largest global pharmaceutical company
+ Apprentice


reduction in batch release timing


reduction in data entry time

3000 hrs

saved in operations concerning deviations

Global rare-disease biotechnology company
+ Apprentice


reduction in batch review time


saved in batch discard costs

42 days

to run both upstream and downstream batches

Built for the Cloud

Making the Move to a Modern, Cloud-Based MES

Legacy MES Approach

A continued lack of flexibility and heavy resources/cost load in a new environment


A scalable system that is flexible for product modality and stage while empowering pharma end-users

Legacy MES Approach

Hard-coded, locked, rigid recipes at the start



Recipes that start simple and flexible, and evolve as needed

Legacy MES Approach

Siloed manufacturing automation features between point solutions: MES, LES, LIMS, etc.



Manufacturing jobs-to-be-done on one platform, Tempo, to connect silos and reduce software burden

Legacy MES Approach

Inability to connect and collaborate across different parts of the business



Collaborate across multiple teams, sites, and enterprises

Legacy MES Approach

Heavy need for IT, automation, and MES SME resources



Operators and scientists can configure on their own through no-code integration

Legacy MES Approach

Automation, programming personas prioritized



Designed for operators, scientists, and quality personas

Legacy MES Approach

On-prem or “copy paste legacy MES to the cloud” approach



Leveraging cloud-native capabilities and strategy to modernize pharma business processes and expedite NPI

Legacy MES Approach

Solely CVS validation approach with an inability to validate hybrid paper/soft sites; No differentiators (modality, stage) specific performance qualification (PQ) approach



Agile deployments and CSA Validation and Risk-Based Methods, including modality-based differences in recipes

“At Apprentice, we believe the life science industry is going through a renaissance, and the future of human health is going to look radically different ten years from now than it does today.”

Angelo Stracquatanio, Apprentice CEO & Co-Founder
Unlock your Manufacturing potential

Intelligent Enterprise Manufacturing Offers Real Business Outcomes

  • Reduce cost by accelerating development and testing of new drugs with flexible, editable, no-code-recipes transferable across sites and stages.
  • Increase speed by scaling manufacturing operations out across sites, and decreasing the time and effort needed to complete and release a batch.
  • Maximize revenue by creating intelligent, scalable batches that ensure right-first-time execution each time.

One platform — more than an EBR or MES:

Making data-driven decisions

Understand how to improve operations with tangible data from across your manufacturing sites

Enhanced digital collaboration

  • List item one
  • This is list item 2
  • The third item on the list which goes into several lines

Connect SMEs, resources, and recipes across locations and teams for true batch synchronization

Optimize product pipeline processes

Compress the product lifecycle by getting products to commercial, fast

Expediting NPI

Create product batches that scale out to commercial manufacturing sites with speed and efficiency

Streamlined batch release

Expedite Quality’s review and release of batches

Accelerated execution & downtime avoidance

Enable operators to execute recipes faster while minimizing human errors

a modern manufacturing enterprise

Your Tempo Manufacturing Cloud in Action

Learn more about additional functionality in our extensive documentation respository, Apprentice Navigator.

Build better batches

Build batches that scale with your operation:

  • Create and iterate batches fast with no code authoring
  • Rank completed runs, and instantly create a recipe template based off your golden run
  • Compare runs to identify differences in processes and outcomes, and necessary tweaks

Be ready for each batch

Manage resources in real-time, and ensure each location is ready to produce their next batch:

  • Connect to your ERP and track and trace resources across their lifecycle
  • Know when and where investments are needed to avoid downtime
  • Keep resource data updated by scanning QR codes attached to each item

Execute fast and right

Make correct first-time execution the operating standard:

  • Kickoff a batch directly from your ERP Accelerate execution, review, and release, by enabling multiple teams to work in parallel on different steps
  • Take work on the go with instructions on our tablet app, or hands-free voice-enabled headset
  • Provide just-in-time training at each step with augmented media

Experience built-in quality control

Enable quality to work smarter, not harder, with the data and tools they need:

  • Streamline quality review with exceptions occurring in real-time
  • Review and release by exception, instead of reviewing each piece of documentation
  • Maintain a centralized quality log by integrating to your QMS
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