Pharma 4.0

Intelligent pharma manufacturing processes

The Future of Intelligent Manufacturing

We Deliver on the Promise of Pharma 4.0

Apprentice leverages Pharma 4.0 to help organizations scale faster, and increase speed to market using a cohesive system that understands how people, processes and physical environments are connected within a cyber-physical network.

By linking machines and systems together we create intelligent networks that control each other, make better predictions and trigger automatic processes as needed.  As a result, organizations can connect the dots between what they have, how or where they use it, and what they will need soon. This deep insight is invaluable to life science teams, across all areas of pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Greater speed to market means more critical products get to the people who need them the most.

Intelligent MES & EBR

Apprentice is the only system that can quickly deliver on the Pharma 4.0 promise, offering a flexible system that can be easily deployed across all manufacturing processes.

From small and large molecule to cell and gene therapy, we use innovative technology to increase an organization’s speed to market and improve reliability.  Unlike traditional MES and EBR systems, Apprentice is easy to use. We make teams mobile and your data intelligent.  Apprentice bridges the gap between paper and digital, and uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality to make your manufacturing smart.

Improving Compliance

Pharma 4.0 ultimately allows us to better connect teams, uphold compliance standards and provide deep analytics that improve safety, yield and quality.  Quality is key in life sciences, and it should come as no surprise that regulatory agencies strongly support 4.0 initiatives.

The Apprentice system was specifically built with pharma compliance in mind, so that manufacturing teams could execute reliably the first time, and safely deliver critical drugs to the people who need them most.

Streamlining Planning – Product Delivery

This is why Apprentice uses intelligent technology to elevate an organization’s entire batch execution process — from planning to product delivery, providing better batch management and higher uniformity across runs and campaigns. The platform easily integrates with existing enterprise systems for a Pharma 4.0-forward, end-to-end solution.

For the operator in the lab or suite, Apprentice delivers augmented procedures and work instructions that take an organization’s existing paper batch records and make them smart. These augmented records are filled with intelligent data and can be executed on any device for a more ergonomic workflow.

Globally Connected Systems & Teams

Apprentice is leading the future of pharma with connected systems that are both predictive and spatially aware, building in resource management tools and location awareness.  From small scale biotech to large scale organizations, this deep insight is invaluable to life science teams.

In an effort to streamline processes and create greater efficiency, global collaboration and remote expert support have become critical for ensuring the highest level of reliability and safety. True global connectivity and critical data among global teams could not be achieved without Apprentice’s collaboration system, Tandem. It provides teams with an opportunity to clearly and effectively troubleshoot and communicate in real-time through language-independent AR tools, multi-language translation, intelligent conferencing aids, and live telepresence, that make productivity and growth limitless.

Smart Manufacturing Sustainability

Whether you are a small biotech or a large organization with facilities across the globe, intelligent manufacturing can bring the smart solutions you need to scale quickly and generate a sustainable competitive advantage.Pharma 4.0 is transforming the way life science teams work, interact with their environments, share data and execute processes with the end goal of increasing speed to market. The internet brought us to Industry 3.0, while Industry 4.0 introduces the idea of converging people, systems and data within one network.