Life Sciences

Digitize and manage your manufacturing activities on one scalable platform that can help you enhance production visibility, improve quality and release batches faster.

Accelerate recipe and procedure authoring

  • Build no-code procedures and recipes to accelerate authoring and execution.
  • Create procedures from pre-existing steps.
  • Author recipes collaboratively, in real-time, with live group-editing tools.
  • Share process knowledge and data easily through transferable global recipes.

Reduce deviations and optimize product quality

  • Follow intuitive step-navigation and augmented instructions for accurate execution.
  • Execute where your operators work with mobile, wearable, or web capabilities.
  • Rely on auto calculations, data capture, and programmable guardrails to prevent deviations.
  • ‍Gain visibility into real-time execution across all your teams and sites.

Track inventory, resources & equipment in real-time

  • Manage manufacturing resources with customizable hierarchies, profiles, definitions, and statuses.
  • Track the lifecycle of materials and statuses in real-time and connect data to your ERP or other systems
  • Access customizable resources and assign templates or resources to individual sites and teams.
  • Track the status and usage of equipment related to batch runs.

Ensure compliance using a validated, cGXP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system

  • Expedite compliance by centralizing product lifecycle data for each stage.
  • Maintain regulatory standards with audit trails, electronic signature records, version management, and role-based permissions.
  • Reduce validation efforts thanks to robust IQ/OQ documentation provided with each release.

Connect all of your systems & equipment

  • Leverage public APIs to connect existing systems, such as ERP, LIMS, and CMMS to streamline the manufacturing process.
  • Remove complex coding requirements to connect systems and equipment by using no-code integrations. This includes data historians, protocols, control systems, equipment, quality management systems, and SCADA.
  • Subscribe to events that occur within Tempo or create outbound ERP events for batch run status, and inventory creation, consumption, or transfer.

Grow your enterprise

  • Transfer recipes and manufacturing data across stages, teams and environments.
  • Allow in-batch process changes for controlled flexibility at any point in the production process.
  • Share production data and collaborate on reviews and approvals with external partners.