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Our Story

Despite incredible therapeutic innovations, the process for manufacturing these life-changing drugs lagged behind. 

Because of the largely paper-based processes involved in pharma manufacturing, millions of dollars were lost in drug batches due to quality deviations. These legacy processes just weren’t going to hold up to the demands of new therapies – biologics, cell, and gene.

We created Apprentice to bring the pharma industry up to speed with the transformative potential of technology.

By bringing together co-founder Angelo Stracquatanio from the world of tech with fellow co-founders Gary Pignata and Alexandra Buttke from pharma, we’re developing expeditious ways to create medicines that will forever make life better for the people who need them most – patients.

January 2014

Co-founders met and identified how modern technology could solve the inefficiencies in the drug production process.

December 2017

First customers successfully used our web portal and wearable headset to connect remote colleagues to the manufacturing suite and we raised a $2.5 million seed round.

December 2018

Raised an $8 million Series A round to meet the demands of a growing, global customer base and expand product capabilities.

March to November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic hit and we helped our customers keep drug production going, leading to a $24 million Series B round to keep pace with exploding customer demand.

January 2022

Raised a $100 million Series C round and launched our vision for one platform to turn molecules into medicine.

Our Leaders

We’re building a company for the future led by innovators from high-growth tech and pharma.

Angelo Stracquatanio
CEO & Founder
Gary Pignata
Co-Founder and VP Sales
TC Fleming
Jennifer Kettner
General Counsel
Tony Nigro
Jean Barmash
VP of Engineering
Ali Farrell
VP of People
Russell Hirschorn
VP of Customer Success
Marie Forshaw
VP of Marketing
Joe Scannelli
VP of Finance
Anastasia Wengrowski
VP of Strategy
Liz Hall
Chief of Staff

Our Investors

We’re backed on this journey by leading investors in tech and healthcare. Together, we’re invested in helping the industry transform.