Laboratory Execution System (LES)

A laboratory execution system for the modern quality control lab

Make quality control easier, faster, and more accurate.

Create rich digital work instructions for better test method execution

Develop test methods without any code

Put power in the hands of your scientists. With intuitive, no-code method authoring designed for scientists, your quality team has full control to develop test methods on their own. Design complex procedure workflows with a drag-and-drop visual step builder.

Collaboratively author with teammates and experts

Tempo allows users from your organization to author test methods together in real-time with live group-editing collaboration tools.

Produce intelligent methods out-of-the-box

Users can quickly create advanced workflows with sophisticated capabilities like parallel execution, branching, and enforcement logic as well as integrate referenceable parameters, formulas, equipment, materials, and scientist actions, without writing a single line of code.

Augment test methods for better scientist execution

Any user can add augmented guidance – photos, videos, and AR overlays – to any step of a procedure.

Execute with a system designed for the scientist

Work where you are – not where your workstations are

Our native mobile app and hands-free, voice-enabled headset moves with you. Tempo is optimized for use in a lab, is cleanroom compliant and is compatible with PPE. You can also execute test methods on your desktop, laptop, and stainless steel workstations with web-based execution.

Ensure accurate execution with augmented instructions

Scientists can follow audio or text instructions enhanced with photo, video, and AR overlay directions that are specific to the equipment and layout in their lab, making each method step crystal-clear.

Reduce human error with system intelligence

Use the headset to collect sample data hands-free, and avoid transcription errors by quickly scanning barcodes to track samples, materials, and instruments. Programmable guardrails prevent scientists from completing a step when values deviate from defined ranges and calculate formulas automatically.

Manage samples, materials, and instruments at scale

Generate samples with ease

Effortlessly generate samples by scanning them in with our mobile app from wherever you are.

Accurately capture the structure of how you manage lab resources

With customizable hierarchies, profiles, and statuses, create a definition of samples, materials, and instruments that reflects how your lab manages resources.

Manage material inventory in real-time

Oversee the lifecycle of materials and work-in-process inventory with aliquoting materials and inventory management capabilities that update in real-time as inventory is used. Make and track the use of internal resources like standards, buffers, and solutions.

Precisely track instrument status and use

Monitor the status and usage of instruments in the context of method and assay execution with instrument management. Use system-generated QR labels or 1d and 2d barcodes to scan-in instruments when it’s used in a procedure.

Keep a pulse on quality

Create no-code integrations with your lab systems

Tempo works perfectly with your LIMS, instruments, investigations, document management system, and more. Use no-code integrations to connect and manage samples, parameters, and sample data.

Manage your lab from a single view

With one-page dashboards for sample management and test-method or assay execution, you will always have visibility into real-time execution in your lab.