Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

The manufacturing execution system for the entire lifecycle

Digitize your pharma manufacturing with a flexible, scalable, and cloud-native MES.

Achieve paperless manufacturing with a configurable MES


Material Management

Batch Management

Equipment Management





Build flexibility and improved productivity into authoring and execution

Accelerate process design without any code

Empower your team with intuitive, no-code procedure and recipe authoring designed for process scientists and process engineers. Create intelligent procedures out-of-the-box without a single line of code. Set up intelligent workflows with advanced capabilities like parallel execution, branching, and enforcement logic in minutes. Design complex procedure workflows with a drag-and-drop visual step builder.

Collaboratively author recipes with teammates and experts

Tempo allows users from your organization – or even across CDMO and their customers – to author recipes together in real-time with live group-editing collaboration tools. Increase the flexibility and iterability of the authoring process with in-suite authoring.

Standardize recipe authoring for a scalable process

Quickly create procedures by leveraging pre-existing steps, instead of starting from scratch. Build master templates that are adjustable for recipe variants. Standardize a global data structure across sites to improve version control, analysis, and audit.

Make correct first-time execution your operating standard

Work where you are, not where your workstations are

Our native mobile app and hands-free, voice-enabled headset moves with you. Tempo is optimized for use in all environments – the suite, cleanrooms, and while wearing PPE. Execute in a more traditional manner on your desktop, laptop, and stainless steel workstations with web-based execution.

Follow augmented instructions for more accurate execution

Operators can follow audio or text instructions enhanced with photo, video, and AR overlay directions that are specific to the equipment and layout in their suite to make each procedure step crystal-clear.

Reduce human error with system intelligence

Our no-code IoT integrations automatically capture data from equipment readouts in the procedure log, while programmable guardrails prevent operators from completing a step when values deviate from defined ranges and calculate formulas automatically. Reduce errors and execute electronically with guided standard operating procedures.

Manage resources across Tempo and your ERP

Accurately capture your resource management structure

With customizable hierarchies, profiles, and statuses, create a definition of materials, equipment, and locations that reflect how your facility manages resources. Customize out-of-the-box statuses and attributes for resources, and easily update them without code.

Track product status and manage material inventory in real time

Track where each product is in the manufacturing process-inside and outside of batches- as well as the materials involved. Oversee the lifecycle of materials and work-in-process inventory with weigh and dispense and inventory management capabilities that update in real-time. Configure input and output materials in line with your Bill of Materials, and connect them to their related items in your Enterprise Resource Planning software.

Precisely track equipment status and use

Track the status and usage of equipment in the context of batch runs with equipment management. Configure input and output materials in line with your Bill of Materials, and connect them to their related items in your Enterprise Resource Planning software.

Create resource kits for each batch with ease

Develop kits from any devices

Create a kit resulting from a procedure run performed on iOS matched to your BOM specifications, or to ad-hoc requirements. Create kits ad-hoc via web, easily add and remove materials from a kit, and move them from one to another.

Accelerate right-first-time batch resource preparation

Pre-configure kits for consistent procedures. Ensure operators scan-in the correct kit for a procedure, and auto-check that any additions or substitutions will still meet BOM requirements.

Release batches faster with built-in quality control

Accelerate manufacturing with master batch records

Rapidly configure new recipes with quick changes to master batch records to scale up fast. Allow in-batch process changes for controlled flexibility at any point in the production process. 

Optimize product quality in real-time with out-of-the-box quality management

Prevent process exceptions from becoming deviations and resolve them before the batch is finished. Reduce the impact of deviations by minimizing how many turn into time-consuming corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs).

Expedite reviews of quality events with review-by-exception and workflows

Built-in conditions and exceptions provide out-of-the-box review and release by exception. Minimize release delays with paperless, built-in data integrity checks. Connect to your QMS to ensure Quality teams are working where they're most efficient, and integrate with your DCS so operators stay up to date with real-time alarms and events.

Build batches that scale with your operation

Quickly transition through lifecycle stages

Scale batches using easily parameterized and generic recipes that expedite the transition from preclinical, to clinical, to commercial. Transfer recipes and batch parameter groups associated with a product from one environment to another.

Create no-code integrations with the manufacturing suite

Integrate with your control systems, like SCADA, Historian, QMS, ERP, OSIsoftPI, using out-of-the-box connectors so Tempo is connected through each stage of development.

Manage your operations from a single dashboard

With one-page dashboards for batch and procedure execution, you will always have visibility into real-time execution across all your teams and sites.