Make your manufacturing smart

It’s no longer just about going from paper to digital, it’s about unlocking the power behind your data in this new intelligent world.

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Hands-Free Collaboration

Connect global teams and experts in real-time, across multiple languages, hands-free. Teams within the same facility, or from multiple site locations can now work together to troubleshoot, guide and monitor. Remain focused and flexible by using hands-free devices, or connect via laptop,  tablet or phone in more flexible environments.

Troubleshoot from Anywhere

Tandem provides a flexible and easy way for all members of an organization to troubleshoot during critical situations. Participants can join a Tandem session using any device — collaborate across hands-free headsets, join online meetings from the web, dial in from a phone. Chat in real-time, screen share with others, live draw and more, for fast and efficient data sharing. Operators can even host Tandem sessions while they’re in suite so that out of suite participants can still have eyes and ears on the floor without ever having to gown up.


Online Meetings

Tandem is much more than telepresence for smart glasses. You can now host sessions on the web to easily collaborate with colleagues around the world everyday. Starting an online session is simple and familiar invite participants via calendar invite, message or email, and your entire team can connect instantly to share critical information quickly, securely and clearly.

Enterprise-Level Management

Manage team collaboration from an enterprise level and gain a better understanding of how teams can work together with greater reliability. Set permissions globally, query data using external business intelligence tools — with seamless plug ins for Microsoft Word and Outlook — and more.  Keep high-level enterprise data accurate and organized, with Tandem’s robust logs for users and device registrations.


Intelligent Conferencing Tools

Elevate team collaboration sessions and online meetings with intelligent conferencing tools designed specifically for manufacturing teams. Experience the smarter way to collaborate with your local teams or colleagues stationed around the world. Use familiar tools such as chat messaging, or screen sharing, and utilize new tools such as live drawing, AR arrows, laster pointers and walkie talkies.


Tandem takes a universal, “language-independent” approach to collaboration so that teams can overcome language barriers and manufacture products faster, with greater reliability. Tandem supports over 9 global languages and provides live-translation captions for additional clarity when verbal understanding may be challenging. Our augmented reality tools go a step above multi-language support, with an array of easy to recognize visual tools that call specific attention to something within a physical environment.


Any Device

Use a wide range of compliant devices to collaborate across teams and conference-in individuals when you need them the most, using a form factor that’s comfortable and appropriate for your environment. Conduct Tandem sessions using glasses-to-glasses, call from the web, or dial-in by phone for a flexible and convenient way to connect in suite or out of suite.