Make your manufacturing smart

It’s no longer just about going from paper to digital, it’s about unlocking the power behind your data in this new intelligent world.

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Troubleshoot Anywhere

Speed and reliability are key in getting critical drugs to market. Tandem bridges the gap between everyday issues that slow things down and the immediate solutions that get you up and running again. Operators can troubleshoot in real-time with experts and vendors around the globe for live problem solving that saves organizations valuable time and resources. With multi-language support, language-independent AR tools, and intelligent conference tools, you can solve any problem from anywhere with Tandem.


Language Translation

Tandem offers multi-language translation that allows teams to connect and troubleshoot globally, without delay or difficulty. Built-in translation support, including live-translation captions that appear during collaboration sessions, makes communication clear and comfortable for all participants, regardless of where they are in the world. Tandem currently supports nine languages, with new global languages continuously added to the system.


Location Awareness

Equipment downtime can mean disaster for organizations that need to get products to market quickly and reliably. Using built-in spatial awareness, Tandem can identify the relationship between in-use devices and the environment in which they are being used, offering a real-time, comprehensive understanding of an operator’s surroundings. A device user’s location, equipment details, WiFi and device details can all be tracked and shared with a remote expert to create a clear understanding that saves critical time during complex situations.

Smart Sharing

Elevate support sessions by making them smart. Share data more efficiently using intelligent conferencing tools designed specifically for manufacturing teams. Use familiar tools, such as chat messaging and screen sharing to resolve issues faster, or utilize new features such as live drawing tools, walkie talkie and more. Remote experts can dial-in by phone or connect from the web to collaborate quickly and comfortably.


AR Tools

Augmented reality tools, such as live drawing, laser pointer, arrow drop and HD screen shots with annotations, offer universally-understood visual markers that go beyond language to help teams troubleshoot in a faster, more precise way. Operators and SMEs can access AR tools during Tandem sessions to problem solve in real-time, without the operator ever having to disengage from the process or environment, reducing the potential for deviations or delay.