Make your manufacturing smart

It’s no longer just about going from paper to digital, it’s about unlocking the power behind your data in this new intelligent world.

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Augment Paper Procedures

Make your procedures smart. Take your existing SOPs, PDFs and batch records augment them with captured data, linked resources and more. You’ll create more dynamic, intuitive workflows that can be executed on any device. Easily add authoring teams and speed up procedure review and sign-off for a more efficient means of procedure execution across the entire process.

Voice Guided Instructions

Work hands-free with voice guided instructions that increase user mindfulness and enhance workflows. Operators are more empowered as they hear what to do and receive real-time feedback during critical procedure execution, eliminating confusion while further ensuring the highest level of safety and first-time reliability.


Technique Demonstrations

Access technique media during critical moments and see how to perform a step. Operators consume detailed demonstrations before completing a step, eliminating costly deviations and time delays. Record and add new technique media to your augmented procedures for proof of compliance, or as future reference material, to grow your internal collection of expert tribal knowledge.

Hands-Free Data Capture

Add recorded audio, photo/video, and digital readings to your existing records for a productive workflow. Mimic the physical ergonomics of your process by working hands-free on an array of clean-room compliant devices that are safe and comfortable. Switch between headsets and hand-held devices in and out of your  environment, without ever losing data or compromising your methodology.