Make your manufacturing smart

It’s no longer just about going from paper to digital, it’s about unlocking the power behind your data in this new intelligent world.

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Safety 4.0

No more training at a computer or from a manual. Safely train in-suite and simulate procedures before you begin working in your actual environment. Operators will gain the experience, knowledge and confidence they need for first-time execution reliability,  limiting deviations while they enjoy the experience

Technique Demonstration

View expert technique media as you complete a procedure in order to better understand critical processes. Operators can recreate realistic workflows within their teams that simulate actual interactions. See and understand how to do something and ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability throughout your process.


Hands-Free Workflow

Get your teams up to speed faster, with training that simulates in-suite experiences that are ergonomic and impactful. Use smart glasses, or clean-room compliant device mounts to train in-suite with both hands so that your mind remains focused.

Capture Tribal Knowledge

Record tribal knowledge and distribute it globally across your connected teams. View expert capture data, technique media and more, as part of your training. Access resources and documentation that experienced operators recommend and link to during procedures for the highest level of reliability.


Device Flexibility

Train on an array of compliant smart glasses and AR-capable devices. Use the form factor that is most comfortable and appropriate for your use case and environment. Switch between devices at any time as you learn how to capture significant data during a procedure, create an augmented step, collaborate with team members and more before heading in-suite.