Make your manufacturing smart

It’s no longer just about going from paper to digital, it’s about unlocking the power behind your data in this new intelligent world.

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Intelligent, Compliant & Spatial

Fully validated, cGMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Our intelligent and spatial system is designed specifically for life sciences. Apprentice understands how operators are interacting with equipment and the environment so that real-time contextualized feedback can be given to the operator on the floor.  Go from planning to product delivery seamlessly, while maintaining compliance so that critical drugs get to market safer and faster. 

Batch Management & Scheduling

Streamline your processes and manage batch runs from a high level. Carefully plan out each batch with greater efficiency and speed. Schedule campaigns for the entire year and clearly visualize your overall operation. You’ll gain valuable insight that saves crucial time and improves overall growth.


Higher Reliability, Uniformity and Yield

Set parameters for batch runs to ensure that every batch is uniform.  Manage resources properly to process the safest, most reliable yield each time.  Intelligent batch comparison reports help you pinpoint opportunities to optimize your process. With greater yields per batch you’ll maximize the number of pure batches produced each year.

Build AI & Machine Learning Models

Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to unlock the power behind your data. Dynamic batch flows and advanced data reporting bring organizations to the next level of intelligent batch management. Monitor all of your data, all the time and use AI & machine learning to view and compare reports, perform investigations, follow data trends and assess process performance.


Integrate with all Core Systems

The Apprentice platform seamlessly connects with existing enterprise systems to make your batch record processes more intelligent, leading to more reliable execution, greater yields and easy compliance. Apprentice is simple to use and intuitive, allowing you to use tools that you’re already familiar with.