Bring all your systems and equipment together

Rapidly deploy and connect the most important elements of your manufacturing operation.

Integrate without development expertise

No-code integrations

Experience a seamless setup and configuration process with Tempo, thanks to our no-code integrations with common pharmaceutical manufacturing systems and equipment. With our no-code approach, you can minimize the need for complex coding or technical expertise.

Accelerate operator execution — and minimize operator errors — from day one, with connections to:

  • Data historians
  • Data protocols
  • Distributed control systems
  • Equipment (direct connection)
  • Quality management systems

Easily develop connections to complex systems

Enterprise connectors

Simplify and accelerate integration efforts to your organization’s most complicated manufacturing systems by leveraging an easy-to-use framework. Connect Tempo to your Enterprise Resource Planning system to track and trace products and resources across manufacturing in real-time, or link our Laboratory Execution System to your Laboratory Information Management System to manage samples and their data across their lifecycle.

SAP Partner

Build your own integration with open APIs

Custom API

Integrate Tempo data and metadata to any system with our Application Programming Interface (API). Our modern and well-documented API helps teams to create custom integrations or data mashups to extend the platform.