Information Technology (IT)

Deploy faster and manage less with a cloud-native platform

Better meet the needs of your operating teams by minimizing administration.

Reduce the burden on your staff, don’t add to it

Streamline and hand-off user management

Integrate Tempo with existing AD/LDAP directories for streamlined user management, team administration, and permission control from your central repository. Plus, users enjoy the convenience of Single Sign-On for login, and your designated Tempo admins can manage user and group permissions in-platform.

Leave infrastructure management to us

Unlike on-premise systems, Apprentice manages the infrastructure, deployment, maintenance, and upgrades of Tempo across your Dev, Val, and Prod environments. This shortens implementation time and frees you up to focus on serving your stakeholders in more valuable ways.

Top-tier support for top-tier organizations

Our 24/7x365 technical support teams are here to assist your users promptly via email or phone, resolving any issues they may encounter.

Ensure your MES connects to all your systems and equipment

Connect with ease to common manufacturing systems

Tempo offers seamless, no-code integrations with pharmaceutical manufacturing systems and equipment, including data historians, protocols, control systems, equipment, quality management systems, and SCADA. Say goodbye to complex coding and technical expertise requirements.

Establish connections with intricate systems

Simplify integration with complex manufacturing systems using Tempo's user-friendly framework for enterprise connectors. Integrate to your ERP for real-time tracking or link our LES to your LIMS for efficient sample management.

Create custom integrations using open APIs

Integrate Tempo data and metadata with any system using our powerful and well-documented API. Extend the platform's capabilities by creating custom integrations or data mashups.

Built to meet pharma security and regulatory requirements

A platform built for pharma compliance

Tempo meets the highest pharma and tech standards and regulations worldwide. It is fully validated by third-party auditors for cGXP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Each Tempo release includes a validation pack containing standardized documents and testing results, including Installation and Operational Qualification, that validate the core functionality and streamline your upgrade.

Enterprise-grade cybersecurity and data protection

Tempo is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II certified, ensuring strict security compliance. It is GDPR ready for EU teams, prioritizing personnel privacy. Our robust security protocols, including intrusion detection, network analysis, code scanning, and routine PEN tests, keep your data secure.