Information Technology (IT)

Deploy faster and manage less with a cloud-native platform

Better meet the needs of your operating teams by minimizing administration.

Enjoy the benefits of the cloud without the risk

Optimize your time with a vendor-managed platform

Unlike on-premise systems, Apprentice manages the infrastructure, deployment, maintenance and upgrades of Tempo, allowing you to focus on serving your stakeholders in higher value ways.

Enable the business with the latest technology

Because of its cloud architecture, Tempo offers the latest technology like AR, AI, voice-to-text and mobile and wearable devices. With regular product releases, Apprentice can quickly build new features to meet customer’s ever-evolving requirements.

Built to meet pharma security and regulatory requirements

Tempo is built with the highest cybersecurity standards and meets pharma regulatory standards - including validation.

Centralize user management

Provision users from your existing directories

Integrate Tempo to existing AD / LDAP directories to easily add or remove users, manage teams, or set permissions from your central repository.

Precisely control access with advanced user permissions

Sophisticated permissions give you and your team full control of business processes, reducing the likelihood of accidental errors and protecting your data from unauthorized disclosure.

Integrate with SSO for secure access

Leverage your existing Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication to ensure secure and streamlined access to manufacturing operations.