Manufacturing Operations

Do less busywork. Make more medicine.

See how fast your team can go when technology takes care of the busywork.

Optimize operator execution with superior ease-of-use

Operate better with a superior user experience

‍Tempo’s modern interface is designed to be as easy to use as your smartphone, empowering operators to execute right the first time.

Simplify execution with integrated tools

Operators can effortlessly follow detailed instructions captured in text, photos, videos, or augmented reality visuals on mobile and headset devices that work in-suite. Voice navigation and memos keeps their hands-free while giving them tools to quickly capture rich data.

Work hand-in-hand with your Quality team

Minimize high-cost errors

Quality teams have immediate access to batch documentation, allowing them to address exceptions in real-time during execution and prevent them from becoming deviations or CAPAs.

Ensure batch records are complete, accurate, and correct

With Tempo, your quality teams can review complete and accurate digital batch records. Unlike paper, in-suite operators can’t miss signatures, input values, or simply not fill in information. And at any point they can add a note giving additional context to how a step was performed, ensuring transparency and preventing ambiguity for the quality team.

Integrate to any system of your choice

Tempo seamlessly integrates with your Quality Management System, allowing quality teams to stay updated and work within their preferred system.

Keep a pulse on each batch

View any batch across your site

Gain real-time visibility into batch and procedure execution across your entire site with concise one-page dashboards.

Stay on top of your batches

Respond instantly to production changes with Tempo's resource tracking and management. Align batch timelines and minimize downtime by utilizing our scheduling capabilities and real-time resource information.