Clinical Manufacturing

Get to the golden batch faster

Balance flexibility with precision to quickly find that robust recipe.

Work smarter with a system designed for the suite

Create digital processes without code

Easy to use interface means authors can update the system themselves without relying on paper or having to wait on cumbersome custom code.

Work where you are – not where your workstations are

Our native mobile app and hands-free, voice-enabled headset moves with you. Tempo® is optimized for use in all environments – the suite, cleanrooms, and while wearing PPE.

Capture superior data with built-in intelligence

Capture a rich picture of data at each step with no-code IoT integrations that automatically capture data from equipment readouts, voice-to-text memos, AR overlays, photo, video, and manual inputs.

Flexibility when you need it, guardrails when you don’t

Allow greater flexibility during process design

Give greater latitude in execution while you are still making tweaks to your production process with easy-to-modify procedures through an intuitive UI, and design steps with branching and skip logic.

Build-in quality and consistency guardrails for trial batches

Keep batches safe for clinical trials by programming guardrails that enforce step sequentiality and prevent operators from completing a step when values deviate from defined ranges.

Fully capture the data needed to repeat the golden batch

Track your changes as you iterate on your recipe

As you tweak variables and steps to reach the perfect recipe, capture execution history with mobile and headset devices and compare results of multiple iterations of the same procedure to pinpoint which combination worked best.

Make better decisions with real-time results

Improve decision making around recipe tweaks as you execute with a cloud-based system that captures data in real-time, and get to a repeatable, high yield, robust batch sooner.

Design procedures that scale with batch size

Define value parameters within your procedure that change depending on batch quantity to easy scale up or down without recreating it.

Make tech transfer to commercial manufacturing as easy as logging in

Share data, process, and knowledge with the commercial team instantly

With a cloud-based record of the golden batch and clinical trials, setting up a team with a new therapy is seamless. With a Tempo login, they have instant access to SOPs, batch records, recipes, equipment and material definitions, historical data, and everything else they need to get started.

Collaborate better to make setup a snap

Integrated virtual collaboration with Tempo’s web and headset devices means your teams can communicate through every step of the process - including working through equipment setup in the suite.