Preclinical Development

Iterate faster with a system that scales

Analyze and adapt in real time to develop your process faster.

Work better with a digital system designed for rapid experimentation

Create digital processes without code

Easy to use interface means scientists can update the system themselves without relying on paper or having to wait on cumbersome custom code. Design complex procedure workflows with a drag-and-drop visual step builder.

Work wherever you need to be

Our native mobile app and hands-free, voice-enabled headset moves with you. Tempo is optimized for use in all environments – the suite, cleanrooms, and while wearing PPE. And when a full-browser experience is needed, execute on your desktop, laptop, and stainless steel workstations with web-based execution.

Capture superior data with built-in intelligence

Capture a rich picture of data at each step with no-code IoT integrations that automatically capture data from equipment readouts and directly inputs it into your batch record and your connected systems.

Create a better process with real-time analysis

Experiment faster with real-time feedback

Real-time digital data empowers scientists to adapt earlier, resulting in a more scalable, cost-effective production process. With no-code editing, scientists can incorporate changes as they recognize they're needed whether at a desk or in the suite.

Parameterize your variables for better comparison and analysis

Design procedures with value parameters to automate comparison and analysis of data results of multiple iterations of the same experiment with different variable inputs.

Build your process with a Quality by Design approach

Accurately identify critical quality attributes (CQAs) and Critical Process Parameters (CPP) and monitor them in real-time as you experiment to ensure the end-result meets the highest quality standards.

Make tech transfer to clinical manufacturing as easy as logging in

Share data, process, and knowledge with the clinical team instantly

With a cloud-based record of the product and process development, setting up a team with a new therapy is seamless. With a Tempo login, individuals have instant access to SOPs, recipes, equipment and material definitions, historical data, and everything else they need to get started.

Collaborate better to make setup a snap

Integrated virtual collaboration with Tempo’s web and headset devices means your teams can communicate through every step of the process, including working through equipment setup in the suite.