AR Makes Us hAPPy

  • Published:
    Feb 26, 2019
  • Category:
    Augmented Solutions

AR is Enhancing and Transforming How We Shop, Travel, and Entertain Ourselves

While enterprise industries have traditionally used augmented reality for practical use cases, consumer-based AR apps have enhanced the way we shop, travel and entertain ourselves. AR has had great success with gaming, entertainment, and retail over the years.

AR engages users more than any other technology, making it a win among customer-focused industries. In fact, a recent Digital Bridge survey found that 74 percent of consumers will expect AR to be part of the online shopping experience soon.

That being said, here are some AR apps our team enjoys!

The Apprentice Team’s AR App Picks

Wanna Kicks

Wanna Kicks is an iOS app that uses augmented reality to help you find the perfect pair of sneakers. You point your camera at your feet, select a 3D sneaker model, and virtually try on a pair of sneakers. The app even follows your footsteps so you can see what the shoes look like in motion. Shoppers are therefore more likely to make the right purchase the first time, and less likely to return their items.

Hidden Side Lego

Lego is set to launch eight AR-focused sets this summer, called Hidden Side Lego. These sets are designed to walk the line between physical and virtual experiences. Hidden Side features a series of haunted buildings that tell a story about kids using a ghost-hunting app to uncover mysterious events happening in their hometown. This series is anticipated to arrive August 2019.

Warby Parker Glasses App

Warby Parker is an eyeglass brand that that has leveraged Apple’s face-mapping tech to provide virtual “try on” capabilities. The Warby Parker Glasses App allows customers to choose a pair of frames, and swipe to initiate a "virtual try-on.” The front-facing camera maps the glasses onto your face, using augmented reality.

Just a Line

Google's Just a Line app allows you to add drawings to your real world using augmented reality. You can exchange notes with friends, play tic tac toe or share your augmented drawing video with with friends.


Mondly is a language learning app that provides AR chatbots and visualizations to help make learning dynamic. The app covers more than 30 different languages and provides instant feedback on pronunciation and language errors.


SkyGuide helps you locate stars, planets and constellations with a phone or tablet. It can even track real-time positioning of the International Space Station. The app is perfect for avid astronomers and those with exposure to clear, dark night skies.

L’Oreal Style My Hair

L’Oreal's Style My Hair app is a 3D color consultation tool that helps you evaluate potential new hair colors. Users can see themselves with blonde, brown, red or even ombre colored hair. The app will even help you locate a L’Oreal professional salon. In addition, the app provides users with daily styling tips and trends.

Find Your Car with AR

Dude, where’s my car? Find Your Car with AR uses AR arrows to direct you toward your parked car. You'll even get updates on the distance between you and the lost vehicle, while you're en route. If you’ve ever forgotten where your car was parked in a mall parking lot, this app is for you.