Rapid Deployment Kits for COVID-19

  • Published:
    Mar 20, 2020
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    Company News

Apprentice’s Response to the COVID Pandemic

As the novel coronavirus emerged in late December of 2019, Apprentice recognized that intelligent technology could help reverse the virus’s negative impact on supply chains, drug production, facility access and overall global collaboration among life science/pharma organizations.

At a time when collaboration is critical, but travel and large gatherings are restricted, Tandem preserves supply chains and allows organizations to continue operations during highly challenging times, supporting processes with remote collaboration capabilities, intelligent tools, augmented reality features, and extremely flexible device options.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) stands to cost the global economy trillions as manufacturing facilities around the globe slow down production, restrict pharma operator interaction and adhere to worldwide travel bans. Without the ability for SMEs, vendors, auditors, regulators and employees to enter the manufacturing suite, organizations are left scrambling for solutions to troubleshoot, collaborate, transfer methods and conduct audits and tours during large scale shut downs.

Rapid Deployment Kits

As COVID-19 reached Europe and then the United States and the need for global solutions grew, Apprentice responded by assembling Rapid Deployment Kits that contained hands-free smart glasses pre-loaded with Tandem software as well as clean-room compliant accessories.

Apprentice has been sending hundreds of Tandem Rapid Deployment Kits to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities around the globe to pharma manufacturing customers responsible for research, lifesaving product development and delivery.

Tandem is the industry's only compliant, language-independent solution that breaks the barrier between in-suite and out-of-suite collaboration, troubleshooting and guidance, ultimately minimizing the devastating operational impact of this virus.

How Tandem Minimizes the COVID-19 Impact to Operations

In-suite operators connect with out-of-suite subject matter experts, CROs/CMOs, suppliers and equipment vendors without having to gown up and enter a facility.

Remote troubleshooting overcomes barriers to collaboration and training in complex manufacturing and R&D environments.

The transfer of methods and processes between internal and outsourced sites is conducted remotely through Tandem, eliminating the need for travel.

Remote acceptance testing, as well as facility tours are conducted with a clean-room ready Tandem kit, despite restricted travel or shut downs.

Apprentice will continue to deploy Tandem kits to life science organizations around the globe impacted by COVID-19 so that manufacturers can reduce the impact to operations from this global crisis, helping to ensure that the flow of life saving products is not disrupted.