• Published:
    Oct 3, 2018
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    Company News

Hello From the Apprentice Team

Welcome to the inaugural blog post for Apprentice! We are excited to provide updates on what we’re working on, share our industry perspectives, and talk about the latest in AR, AI and healthcare.

AR is a way of life for us here at Apprentice. We are incredibly passionate about where the industry is headed and how we can use this technology to empower workforces in labs, lines and suites around the globe.

“We don’t just augment reality; we augment human ability,” said Apprentice CEO & Co-Founder, Angelo Stracquatanio. “AR and AI are changing the way workforces across all industries solve problems and share information, and that’s what we are about here at Apprentice.”

This is the Apprentice mission that drives our team. It's also the inspiration behind our conversational, all-day workflow solution, built for the entire organization — from the scientist performing experiments in a lab to discover the next groundbreaking drug, to the operator in a manufacturing suite getting that drug to market for millions of patients around the world.

Welcome to a Game-Changing Pharma Platform

Apprentice has extensive domain expertise, integrated industry features, and an in-house research laboratory. Apprentice is the premier solution for batch records, tech transfer, R&D workflows, training procedures, troubleshooting, and support.

In a cleanroom gown, a lab technician can use Apprentice’s conversational user interface (UI) to access complex procedures, visualize a 3D technique demonstration, and intelligently capture or track data using computer vision — all without touching a single piece of paper.

“Our clients are Fortune 100 pharma and biotech companies around the world. For them, this platform is a game changer,” Stracquatanio said.

We look forward to sharing more about AR, our company and how enterprises are getting ahead with next-gen tech!