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It’s no longer just about going from paper to digital, it’s about unlocking the power behind your data in this new intelligent world.

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Why industry leaders select Apprentice technology

The Apprentice team explains the importance of compliance in pharmaceutical facilities

Customer Success Stories

Apprentice clients are leaders in life science manufacturing and lifesaving drug development. Apprentice transforms the way complex industries get critical products to the people who need them most.

Apprentice Platform

Intelligent Batch Execution

The future of pharma is Apprentice. Intelligent batch execution allows organizations to streamline processes and manage batch runs from a high level, which contributes to higher reliability and uniformity. Unlock the power behind your data with dynamic data reporting that elevates organizations to the next level of manufacturing.

With seamless integration into existing core systems, intelligent tools and built-in spatial awareness, Apprentice is an ideal choice for organizations interested in a Pharma 4.0 operating model. Customers gain a more detailed level of insight into their operations, leading to better batch management and overall batch yield.


Run more campaigns per year with greater uniformity throughout each batch

Apprentice Platform

Augmented Procedures/Work Instructions

Written guides and SOPs are not only cumbersome to reference, but lack detailed technique descriptions that help operators reduce errors. Having clear procedural explanations on how to do something is vital to ensuring the accuracy of your results. With Apprentice, organizations easily "lift and shift," taking their existing paper records and simply augmenting them with smart data.

Operators now have the tools they need to execute reliably the first time, and every time, on any device. Apprentice uses video, audio instructions and graphics to provide operators and engineers with the accurate descriptions they need at the moment they need it, capturing critical data along the way for reference and compliance.


Execute using augmented workflows and intelligent tools. Eliminate time-consuming audits and spend more time making safe drugs.

Apprentice Tandem

Real-time Remote Support

Speed and reliability are key in getting critical drugs to market. Unscheduled site visits to global facilities can cost organizations time and valuable resources when technicians and SMEs leave company headquarters to deploy to facilities for site assessments and equipment repairs .

Tandem provides a smart way to "see-what-I-see" and troubleshoot with remote SMEs globally, eliminating the need for in-person site visits. With a direct line of support to global facilities and experts around the world, organizations can solve problems faster and focus on reliability and growth. With multi-language support, language-independent augmented reality (AR) tools, and intelligent conference tools, organizations can solve any problem from anywhere using Tandem.


Collaborate with experts in or out of suite. Receive direct SME support at a moments notice no matter where you are.

Apprentice Tandem

Global Team Collaboration

Tandem offers a mature collaboration suite that connects global teams and experts in real-time, across multiple languages. Teams  work together to solve problems no matter where they are in or out of the lab or suite. Our clients appreciate having the ability to conference-in from any device to collaborate in reach time, chat, screen share, live draw and more.

With multi-language translation, visual augmented reality (AR) tools and enterprise level management features, Tandem has become pharma's first choice in conferencing and collaboration. Organizations are using Tandem to collaborate clearly using intelligently technology that reduces delays and deviations while increasing reliability.

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Make daily communication and team collaboration easy and intelligent so that you can increase your speed to market.

Apprentice Tandem

Environmental Sustainability

It's now more important than ever that large organizations develop ways to lower their global carbon footprint and improve environmental sustainability. As our industrialized society continues to grow, so too does our need for eco-friendly alternatives that will support a healtheir future world.

Tandem’s remote telepresence capabilities eliminate distance as a barrier, providing a clean way for organizations to collaborate and troubleshoot, reducing carbon emissions and excessive environmental burdens. With only 1 device and 1 headset you can problem solve immediately, without lengthy extensive travel and personnel expenditures. Utilize a greener, more sustainable travel alternative that pays off in the short and long term.


Improve quality of life for your team with a less hectic travel and cleaner air.

Make your manufacturing smart

Unlock the power behind your data.

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