Glossary Definition: Cloud-Based MES

What is a cloud-based MES?

A cloud-based MES is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that uses cloud technology to optimize manufacturing execution systems. Cloud-based MES systems run over the internet in a hosted cloud, and provide users with access to real-time data (available on demand).

With accurate information readily available, stakeholders can use cloud MES to effortlessly coordinate between multiple sites, different teams, product lifecycle phases, and stages of production. With streamlined remote collaboration capabilities, manufacturers can use cloud-based MES to fine-tune their manufacturing workflows in real time.

Cloud-based MES solutions are becoming increasingly popular in industries like pharma, food & beverage, and medical devices where products are heavily regulated, and subject to ongoing regulatory audits. Unsurprisingly, 94% of enterprise organizations already use other cloud-based solutions, and this percentage is likely to increase in the future. 

What are other names for cloud-based MES?

Various manufacturing-heavy industries use cloud-based MES solutions to optimize the manufacturing process. As such, the terms used to describe these systems may vary by industry. 

In pharma, other words for cloud-based MES include:

  • Cloud-based MES system
  • Cloud-based MES software
  • Cloud-based MES software for manufacturing
  • Cloud-based manufacturing execution systems
  • Cloud-based electronic batch record system
  • Cloud-based electronic batch records

What is cloud-based MES in pharma?

Pharma cloud-based MES systems leverage cloud technology to reduce the hardware footprint and optimize manufacturing execution systems from start to finish. This cloud technology automates workflow execution, data capture, and tech transfer, making it easier for manufacturers to keep a pulse on manufacturing activity across teams and sites. 

Cloud MES allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to improve speed and accuracy so that drugs can be manufactured safely and effectively in less time. 

What are the 2 types of cloud-based MES for pharma?

There are two types of cloud-based MES solutions available for pharma companies:

1. Hybrid solution

The first option is a hybrid solution, meaning it’s both on-premise and cloud-based.

The hybrid MES allows companies to maintain their current infrastructure, while also leveraging the cloud for its various benefits, including real-time data accessibility.

2. Native cloud-based solution

The second option is a native cloud-based solution. In this case, the MES system sits entirely online, in a hosted cloud.

There are no onsite server hardware or maintenance requirements for full cloud MES solutions, and all users have instant access to operational data. This empowers teams to effortlessly coordinate with one another across sites, as well as throughout the drug manufacturing lifecycle.

Why is cloud-based MES important for pharma?

Cloud-based MES solutions for pharma are important because they provide users with 24/7 access to pertinent information, since it’s captured in real time. With the right information available to users when they need it, manufacturing is optimized, collaboration is streamlined, and speed to market is accelerated. Additional sites can be created and deployed automatically, making it easy to scale production up or down.

Cloud-based MES solutions are safe, reliable, and provide pharma companies with an edge over the competition. In fact, most cloud service providers guarantee users uptime 99.9% of the time, meaning any downtime or service interruptions would only be less than a minute per day. 

Equipped with ongoing data and updates, drug manufacturers can use real time insights to make informed decisions about the product life cycle, anticipate need, and strategically introduce new therapies at the right time.

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