Resource Management

Make sure your resources are ready when you are

A modern, simple take on resource management so your inputs are ready when you need them.

Create accurate and reusable definitions of resources

Accurately capture your resource management structure

With customizable and reusable hierarchies and profiles, create a definition of samples, materials, equipment, locations, and more that reflects how your facility manages resources. Easily update your resource masters through our intuitive UI without code, and reflect those changes throughout the platform.

Precisely understand the attributes of a given resource

Customize out-of-the-box statuses and attributes to create a precise and comprehensive picture of the readiness of resources available in your facility.

Manage resource usage with real-time tracking and detailed history logging

Monitor material inventory in real-time

Oversee the lifecycle of materials and work-in-process inventory with weigh and dispense and inventory management capabilities that update in real-time as inventory is used inside and outside of batches.

Attach instructions to keep equipment in a ready-state

Assign procedures to equipment instances that provide instructions for cleaning or regular maintenance checks.

Easily create usage rules to govern resource use

Design usage rules for compatibility and storage of material and equipment to ensure they are always used correctly.

Precisely track equipment status and use

Track the status and usage of equipment in the context of batch runs through automatic or manual status changes. Use system-generated QR labels or 1d and 2d barcodes to scan-in equipment or instruments when they’re used in a procedure.

Keep a virtual logbook with automated logging with ease

Automatically track the history of how resources are used during execution and view it in one easy-to-read, printable log.