Virtual Collaboration

Bring your operating team together anytime, anywhere

With collaboration tools integrated into your execution system.

Connect your teams to keep production running around the globe

Communicate with colleagues in one click

With a virtual collaboration tool directly integrated with your execution system, connecting with colleagues at any step during production is as easy as one-click.

Collaborate instantly to keep production on-track

Speed and reliability are key in getting critical dsrugs to market. Operators can troubleshoot collaboratively with experts and vendors wherever they are, live and quickly.

Choose the right device for the right setting

Connect with colleagues from anywhere in the facility

With video conferencing that’s available on desktop, mobile, and headset devices, you can take your team with you on the go.

Give a first-person perspective of equipment or instruments

Show collaborators a close-up view of equipment and instruments through a video camera on the wearable headset. Move around objects to troubleshoot with critical speed.

Connect hands-free

Join and control a conferencing session with voice navigation to keep your hands free for your work or to manipulate equipment and instruments.

Compliant with pharma regulations

Tempo devices are optimized for use in all environments – the suite, cleanrooms, and while wearing PPE - are cleanable, rugged, and ATEX certified.

Be more effective with specialized collaboration tools

In-session tools that aid communication

Teams can communicate their message with live drawing, AR arrows, laser pointers, speech-to-text live transcription, and walkie talkie capabilities, alongside familiar tools such as chat messaging or screen sharing.