Augmented Work Instructions (AWI)

Go digital with work instructions designed for life sciences

Start your digital transformation journey with a platform that grows with you.

Execute right the first time

Electronic Batch Record

Reduce errors, process material, and manufacture faster on a digital system

Procedure Management

Manage, iterate, and execute all procedures, including SOPs, with ease

Line Clearance

Ensure work areas are properly turned over

Operator Training

Provide just-in-time training on mobile tablets and wearable headsets

Electronic Logbook

Track usage and current statuses of equipment

Built for pharma — Not the factory

With an exclusive focus on life science manufacturing, our platform and services were built for pharma. Don’t waste time and effort trying to adapt a system built for the factory to the needs of your facility.

Augmented Work Instructions (AWI) is the only cloud-native, digital work instructions software that:

  • Includes mobile tablet and wearable headsets for on-the-go authoring and execution
  • Captures technique media instructions - photo, video, and augmented reality overlays - to clarify complex workflows
  • Meets GMP standards out-of-the-box with vendor provided IQ and OQ - saving 10 to 12 weeks of customer effort
  • Provides an onboarding team, a customer success manager, and technical support to ensure your success
  • Offers a full suite of manufacturing execution system (MES), laboratory execution system (LES), and remote collaboration capabilities for your team to grow into and scale your expanding operations

Whether you’re on paper or on a digital system, we can help you take the first step on your journey to Pharma 4.0.

Author and augment procedures and workflows digitally

Empower your scientists and engineers with no-code, intelligent process design

Developed for life science teams, AWI’s intuitive, no-code configuration enables procedure creation with formula calculations and advanced capabilities like linked procedures, parallel execution, branching, and enforcement logic — without reliance on a third-party. 

Create digital procedures in hours — not weeks

Build new digital instructions in hours with procedure templates, or transform an existing paper-based procedure into an editable digital process. Save hours with a design tool that converts a PDF into modifiable digital steps. Design complex procedure workflows with a drag-and-drop visual step builder.

Augment instructions for more accurate operator execution

Make operating instructions crystal clear by enhancing any step of a procedure with technique media: photo, video, and AR overlays. 

Jointly build procedures with experts and your team

Author recipes together in real time across your organization, including CDMOs, and experts with our integrated virtual collaboration and word processing tools. Maintain audit trails with the platform’s 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and SOC2 and ISO certifications.

Execute wherever, whenever, and however operators work

Bring digital workflows on the floor

AWI’s cloud-native mobile app and hands-free, voice-enabled headset move to where you are working. Our cleanable, ATEX-certified headsets are perfectly suited to PPE, and are optimized for use in all environments — the suite, cleanrooms, and more. Execute on your desktop, laptop, and stainless steel workstations with web-based execution.

Lower human error with intelligent automation

Make right first-time execution the standard with non-conformance alerts and programmable guardrails that prevent operators from incorrectly completing a step when values diverge from defined ranges.

Collaboratively execute procedures with your team

Execute together or assign individual steps to different users while providing updates and real-time visibility into the process.

Scale procedures, workflows, and values from preclinical to commercial and across modalities

Keep pace with your operations by establishing parameters that can change depending on stage — pre-clinical to commercial — or quantity to easily scale up or down.

Embed quality into your execution process

Use a fully validated platform

Save 10-12 weeks of validation effort by using a platform that has been independently verified to meet stringent pharma regulations like the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) requirements. Establish audit trails with the platform’s 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and SOC2 and ISO certifications.

Expedite reviews of quality events

Use exception review to identify events that may have an impact before they slow the whole manufacturing process. Track the execution of a workflow in real time to monitor progress and manufacture at a greater speed.

Minimize release delays

Reduce paper-based legwork that leads to delays in product release and GMP compliance with digitally documented steps and built-in data integrity checks.

Securely track all your data in one place

Improve data traceability by routing to the right sources and retaining all past and future documentation on the cloud. Digital work instructions and associated documentation allow for end-to-end lifecycle visibility.

Grow into a manufacturing execution system

Let your growth dictate your timeline

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
Continue your journey to Pharma 4.0 by evolving from digital work instructions to full MES capabilities with the Tempo MES when your organization is ready. Don’t piece together apps on a developer platform when you can grow with a platform built for pharma.

Make quality control easier, faster, and more accurate

Laboratory Execution System (LES)
Collaborate easily and efficiently with a quality control system designed for the modern scientist. With intuitive digital instructions, you can empower your scientists to execute test methods and manage samples, materials, and instruments at scale and hands-free.

Build a connected manufacturing enterprise

Tempo Manufacturing Cloud
With a composable system, teams across your enterprise can use the right level of functionality to meet their current maturity needs. As teams get more sophisticated, they can seamlessly add on additional capabilities without coding or data transfer. 

Keep production running with virtual collaboration tools

Tandem Collaboration
Tie your system together with collaboration software and devices that are purpose-built to comply with pharma regulations. Tandem allows you to work as one team from anywhere.