From Tandem to Tempo: What’s New in 2022

  • Published:
    Feb 16, 2022
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    Digital Transformation

New Year, New Platform

With the same advanced technology that brought you Tandem, we're extending our platform to support every step of your manufacturing operations. The Tempo Manufacturing Cloud is your all-in-one platform, taking you from preclinical benchtop all the way to large-scale commercial manufacturing.

‍We’re not just Tandem anymore...

Tempo lets you scale up and out faster with one unified platform for all your teams and sites. Your global production teams can operate in real time from a single shared system that combines manufacturing and lab execution systems with built-in collaboration.

Flexible yet powerful features let Tempo grow with your process from preclinical experimentation to commercial standardization. Integrated mobile and wearable devices empower your operators to execute better and faster at every stage. See how fast you can go with a modern platform built for scale.

Get Up to Speed on Our Latest Platform and Everything It Does:

Tempo MES

Produce high-quality drugs on time, every time.

Make the transition to modern manufacturing with an intelligent MES designed exclusively for pharma. Using the latest in AR and cloud technology, our MES is built to last. Plus, it’s got flexible features and parameterized templates that you can customize to suit batches of every size and complexity.

Get ready to maximize your speed, savings, and accuracy. Our cloud-based architecture enables continuous production, while no-code integrations power automation between your equipment and systems. Give your operators the power and precision to execute better with AR, AI, and voice recognition in a full suite of wearable, mobile, and desktop devices. Explore MES.

Tempo LES

Make quality control easier, faster, and more accurate.

Built for the modern quality control lab, Apprentice’s laboratory execution system helps you release batches faster with real-time quality control. Scientists can now author rich digital work instructions, manage samples and lab resources at scale, and execute test methods on mobile and wearable devices.

Use our LES in combination with our manufacturing execution system to eliminate delays and drive action on real-time quality feedback across all production teams. Empower your scientists and operators to work together to prevent deviations and achieve faster batch release. Explore LES.

Tandem for virtual collaboration

Make the most of Tandem by connecting your global production teams.

Tempo includes the Tandem you know and love, so you can still access the tools you need to collaborate with colleagues and partners around the globe. Our purpose-built virtual collaboration solution instantly connects your global workforce, wherever they are and whatever they need to do.

Reduce costs, delays, and safety issues by replacing in-person site visits with real-time virtual conferencing designed for the pharma facility. Tandem combines high-quality video streaming, AR, and live voice transcription with wearable headsets to give remote colleagues a detailed, first-person perspective into an operator’s workflow. Keep production running all around the globe by integrating Tandem with our manufacturing and lab execution systems. Explore Tandem.

See how the platform fits together,