How AR is Changing the World

  • Published:
    Sep 16, 2019
  • Category:
    White Paper
  • Topic:
    Augmented Reality

The benefits of augmented reality are endless. AR is changing the world. From communication, to information sharing to engagement within our environment. These augmented versions of our reality actually create more enticing, entertaining and informative experiences. Here's how AR technology brings everyday experiences to life...

Combine the Digital and Physical Worlds

AR is creating more immersive experiences that help us connect the physical world with a digital one. You can access information while you work, or create an augmented storyline that still technically happens in real-life. With location-based games, children can even play in an augmented world that's overlaid onto their actual environment.

See what I see

Remote telepresence takes the pressure off of time-sensitive communication and troubleshooting. We can now communicate visually, around the world, in an instant. By overlaying AR tools in a real-life environment we improve troubleshooting and support.

Have management superpowers

Executives can leverage AR technology to analyze live performance data, and instantly identify trends or issues as they develop. As a result, supervisors improve decision making capabilities and gain greater overall insight into operations.

Connecting your environment

Contextualization enhances real-life information collection and user experiences. AR technology can understand and connect people within an environment for a greater understanding of what is happening where. Contextualization helps us understand what devices are in use use and how they are being used. As a result, we get a greater overall picture of what’s happening within a space or organization as a whole.

Personalized communication

As augmented reality becomes more mainstream, personalized, and immersive, it’s not crazy to think that 3D avatars that resemble you and mimic your expressions will be used to create a more personal and immersive communication experience. The existing 3D selfie AR technology that popular social media apps use, paired with ARKit and ARCore capabilities, are laying the groundwork for what may just be the future of communication.

Practice makes perfect

AR allows you to create “test cases” in which you can visualize a procedure and practice prior to execution. For example, healthcare professionals and surgeons can practice in simulated environments before conducting a complex, real-life procedure. This greatly reduces the risk to actual patients. The use cases for pharma and life sciences are endless.

Be a better gamer

AR technology can bring video games to life, from any point-of-view, as if you were there. Game and player stats could be viewable in the context of the game, and thanks to the AR cloud, all viewers would be connected through a merged reality. This means you would be able to interact with others from anywhere – home, socially at a bar, or in the actual stadium.

A more interactive shopping experience

Augmented reality is dramatically changing how we interact with brands and purchase new products. Apps now let you try on glasses virtually, place furniture around a room, or measure that TV screen you want. Companies will continue to use AR to enhance their brand experience while making shopping easier and more interactive.

Navigate easily

AR navigation tools will likely revamp how we move through the world. Whether you are indoors or outside, augmented reality can bring directions to life, before stepping into a supermarket to find an item, or while you’re behind the wheel of a new age car. Imagine having overlaid information along your physical route that guides you through your travels and gets you to where you need to be.

Augmented marketing and sales

Vendors are using augmented reality to deliver more than just products to their customers. They’re delivering a digital brand experience. Whether it's labels that come to life when viewed through an AR app, or business cards that literally jump out at you, this is an incredibly enticing and entertaining way to connect with consumers and increase sales.