What Is a Next-Gen MES?

  • Published:
    May 4, 2023
  • Category:
    White Paper
  • Topic:
    Life Sciences

In our Next-Gen MES eBook, we’ll walk you through what a next-gen MES is, why it matters, and how to access its full value in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Read our eBook to learn:

  • What a next-gen MES is not
  • What it is and how it works
  • How to access its full potential
  • Guidelines, use cases, and examples

What’s Inside

  1. We’ll begin by covering an especially crucial question — what isn’t a next-gen MES?
  2. We’ll then explain what a next-gen MES is and how it works.
  3. Next, we’ll consider the unique value next-gen MES can provide for pharmaceutical manufacturers. We’ll provide concrete examples and review the requirements of a truly next-gen MES.
  4. Last, we’ll provide you with a next-gen MES checklist so you can make informed decisions on MES solutions and evaluate their ability to help you tackle your toughest manufacturing challenges.

Powered by the insights in this book, life science professionals can accelerate their digital transformation journey and bring informed insights to their manufacturing workflows.

Download it now to learn answers to these key questions:

  • What Is a Next-Gen MES?
  • What Isn’t a Next-Gen MES?
  • What Does a Next-Gen MES Do?
  • What Is Required of a Next-Gen MES?
  • What Value Can a Next-Gen MES Provide?

Our Featured Author

We’re delighted to feature Emilee Cook as our featured thought leader and author of this piece. When it comes to the future of MES, Emilee is our in-house expert and champion.

“Pharma manufacturing saves lives. Collaborating with operators, process owners, software developers, and designers to build solutions that get therapies, like the COVID-19 vaccine, to patients faster is something you can’t help but resonate with! Manufacturing is a full circle of impact.”

As a Director of Product at Apprentice, Emilee brings over a decade of experience in the life science industry. Emilee is inspired by the potential of technology to completely transform the pharmaceutical industry. 

Emilee’s passion for next-gen technology motivated her to write this eBook, and she hopes that the insights inside will help to push our industry forward into Pharma 4.0.