Make your manufacturing smart

It’s no longer just about going from paper to digital, it’s about unlocking the power behind your data in this new intelligent world.

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Improved Auditing

Keep a complete and accurate account of steps performed within your process, for faster auditing.  Log precise records and account for materials and products as they go from one phase to the next. Have the data you need to improve operations and ensure batch quality.

Faster Turnover

Maintain accurate accounts of materials and equipment at all times, ensuring that all line equipment has been properly checked, cleaned and cleared of unwanted items before the next run.  Avoid downtime and prepare for your next scheduled process in advance, greatly improving the amount of critical products that make it out the door.


Barcode Scanning

Seamlessly log and track equipment, materials and batch information on the line, during any part of the process, using hands-free barcode scanning. Create timestamped logs of the various elements throughout the process to further ensure best practices and compliance.


Second Person Verification

Use remote telepresence to perform real-time, second-party inspections for faster production review and sign-off, while maintaining compliance and adhering to the highest cGMP standards. Document the entire process and prevent errors or discrepancies.