Announcing the Connected Manufacturing Network and New Funding

  • Published:
    Mar 20, 2023
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    Products & Solutions

We’re only a quarter of the way through the year, but things are moving fast here at Apprentice, and we have big news for you.

First, we have a new package, the Connected Manufacturing Network; a way to manage manufacturing at the enterprise level across both  internal and external sites. It’s a game changer.

Next, we have some sneak peeks of MES functionality that’s coming up in our 7.0 release and beyond.

And not to be missed, is that we raised $65M in additional funding despite a challenging capital market - signaling investor confidence in Apprentice’s technology, team, and business.

Ready to hear about how we can revolutionize your enterprise?

Introducing the Connected Manufacturing Network

We’re excited to announce the Connected Manufacturing Network (CMN) as the newest addition to the Tempo Manufacturing Cloud:

CMN enables you to connect all your sites together to view, manage, and accelerate the end-to-end drug production lifecycle. It does so by providing the connective fabric between your sites, while simultaneously granting visibility to all the users who need to view and manage operations at a multi-site or enterprise-wide level.

Let’s break it down further. Tempo enables you to drive value at the site-level, the enterprise-level, and across external partners.

For your site:

No matter your digital maturity, Tempo makes it easy to start small and grow into a fully digital operation, starting with our site-level products - Augmented Work Instructions, Manufacturing Execution System, Laboratory Execution System, and Tandem Virtual Collaboration.

Coordinate all the materials, equipment, recipes, and personnel you need to perfectly plan your batch. Then execute, test, review and release each run with precision. All from one shared system, across all the teams involved. Whether you have one involved or twenty, they can instantly log in to view and execute their steps within the overall production process. Each batch’s information is also seamlessly shared between them, so no team is left in the dark or wasting time looking for context and data.

For your enterprise:

As you expand operations, orchestrate holistically with a Connected Manufacturing Network that links all your sites together, and grows with your products from preclinical through commercial.

Plan new product introductions and optimize your existing operations from a centralized, enterprise-wide viewpoint. From one system, you can follow the product across every unit operation and site throughout its lifecycle. Get a birds-eye-view of both internal and external capabilities, conduct tech transfer, and analyze site-wide data for recipe optimization.

For your external partners:

When you’re ready to incorporate customers or CDMO/CMOs, use CMN to bring them into your manufacturing network to reach a new level of coordination and visibility.

Share a direct, real-time view of manufacturing runs with their customers and coordinate execution and release of batches with built-in review and approval. Plus, customers can check-in on any of their batches at any time, no need to wait for status updates or calls.


The level of collaboration, centralization, and data sharing possible through CMN is made possible through Tempo being built from day one directly in the cloud. This fundamental approach is what allows sites to be spun up and deployed with speed, and connected to one another.


New MES capabilities coming to Tempo

As part of our upcoming version 7.0 release and beyond for Tempo, we’ll also be introducing new and exciting features for our Manufacturing Execution System.

Stay tuned for more details, but here’s a sneak peek into some of the capabilities we’re excited about:

Visual step builder

Building procedures in a list-based, step-by-step manner is a familiar approach, but what if your product recipes aren’t straightforward? We’ve got you covered.

With the visual step builder, your scientists will be able to create a visual flow of steps, enabling them to see the step branching required right while they’re creating it.

Automatic step execution

Speed and accuracy is critical to the success of your drugs, and it comes as no surprise that the human element is where there’s opportunities for improvement.

Sadly, none of us are perfect. But, the good news is that you’ll soon be able to build processes to allow low-risk inputs and actions to be automatically performed, minimizing risk of error and simultaneously speeding up the process.

Full parameterization of batch runs

Traditionally, a product recipe requires manual adjustment to each and every variation for a specific run.

Within Tempo, our parameter functionality enables these variables to be automatically adjusted for each batch run, and only require configuration during recipe development. And as part of upcoming and future releases, we will continue to iterate this functionality to cover more and more variables.

Apprentice raises $65 Million in new funding 

We’re not done with the exciting news yet! In addition to the launch of CMN and expanding our MES capabilities, we’ve also raised an additional $65 million in funding.

This latest round of funding was led by new investor ICONIQ Growth with meaningful participation from existing investors, Alkeon Capital Management and Insight Partners. This continued vote of confidence in our technology, team, and business comes despite the challenging capital markets. It caps off a stellar 2022 that saw 3.4x Year over Year Tempo revenue growth, 218% in net customer retention and inclusion in Gartner’s Manufacturing Execution System Magic Quadrant, plus more.

So what does it mean for you? We’re going to continue to bring innovative capabilities and packages, like CMN, to your manufacturing operations. And as you advance on your digital transformation journey, our team of experts will be ready to help you transition from paper or traditional systems to the Tempo Manufacturing Cloud.

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