Tempo v6.5: What’s New in Our Latest Release

  • Published:
    Oct 31, 2022
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    Products & Solutions

Imagine a world where scientists and researchers can use a digital system that’s a help and not a hindrance to develop and manufacture therapeutic products in a fraction of the time.

Well guess what? 

The world you’ve been waiting for is coming to fruition, thanks to Tempo v6.5.

In this post, we’ll take you through an overview of what’s changing in our latest, most comprehensive update yet, including:

  • Our new Augmented Work Instructions package
  • Updates to our Laboratory Execution System
  • Functionality updates to procedures and batches
  • New and improved integration capabilities

Ready to change the future of pharma? Let’s dive in…

Introducing Augmented Work Instructions

Say goodbye to unproductive collaboration, and say hello to streamlined workflows.

With our Augmented Work Instructions (AWI), you can:

  • Author procedures digitally. Create digital procedures in a matter of hours, versus weeks, and empower your team with no-code intelligent process design.
  • Execute where you are. Work on the floor with our cloud-native mobile app and hands-free, voice-enabled headset that’s ATEX-certified, cleannable, and suited to PPE. Plus, AWI lowers human error thanks to intelligent automation and preventable guardrails meaning resource waste is minimized. Additionally, you can scale procedures, workflows, and values from preclinical to commercial across modalities.
  • Build quality into execution. Everyone knows that when it comes to drug manufacturing, quality is key. That’s why our new AWI focuses specifically on delivering a fully validated platform that meets the FDA’s pharma standards. What’s more, with AWI you can expedite reviews of quality events with review-by-exception and workflows, while minimizing release delays thanks to paperless, built-in data integrity checks. Most importantly, the system follows best-in-class security practices so you can track your data in one place and improve traceability.
  • Grow with your operations. Seamlessly build a connected enterprise across teams and sites with Tempo’s Manufacturing cloud. Plus, powered by this new update, you can keep production running via our virtual collaboration tool, Tandem.

It’s time to go digital with your work instructions, and our new AWI package is here to show you how!


Explore Our Laboratory Execution System Package

If you’re experiencing pain points related to quality control, you’re not alone.

Countless pharma companies dream of the day when quality control becomes a faster, easier, more accurate process. And with good reason — when quality processes are efficient, patients can receive the medications they need, sooner.

When we’re dealing with medicine, quality control can make the difference between life and death for a patient. We take that very seriously. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our updated Laboratory Execution System (LES) package, built to optimize QC!

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll be able to accomplish with our Tempo LES:

  • Verify drug quality with speed through a new sampling procedure action that instructs operators to create a sample, or take one from an existing material sublot
  • Automate data capture of sample replicates to minimize monotonous data entry for operators
  • Streamline processes for calculating sample dilutions and minimizing operator error by applying advanced mathematical calculations to table columns
  • Calculate standard deviation of a list with values during execution with the new standard deviation operand

Powered by the latest updates, you can minimize manual data capture and entry, which helps reduce transcription and calculation errors. 

Plus, LES decreases the time required to conduct sample dilutions while simultaneously allowing you to identify how statistically far outside of a range a value is — meaning you’ll gain a more comprehensive understanding of potential risks.


Component Updates: Batches & Procedures

Just when you thought the Tempo v6.5 update couldn’t get any better, let’s pivot to discuss what’s new with our batches and procedures.

Get ready…

Updated Functionality: Batches

Batches make the pharma manufacturing world go round, and with this update, it can spin a whole lot faster!

Here’s what new with our batch offerings:

  • Batch parameter groups. Define a set of parameter values, group them together for a batch template, and apply them as a group to batch runs
  • Dynamic ranges. Adjust boundary ranges to batch run size, and enjoy additional flexibility in being able to use a single template for a product while also minimizing opportunity for human error
  • Batch template report. Create a PDF or print report of your new batch template to accelerate the validation process for it
  • Improved parameter user experience. Enjoy our newly launched Parameters tab, which combines all parameters and includes a seamless UI for parameter overrides, thereby eliminating confusion

Now you can create flexible templates for every batch with ease. Does it get any better than that?

Updated Functionality: Procedures

Authoring recipes is no easy feat, particularly if key team members are based in different locations or sites. Fortunately, Tempo v6.5 lessens this burden by streamlining the authoring process — in or out of suite.

Here are six key updates from the latest release:

  1. In-suite authoring: Enable users in the operating suite to suggest procedure changes via their tablet when and where they identify them, and increase the flexibility and iterability of the authoring process.
  2. Import/copy steps: Quickly create procedures by leveraging pre-existing steps, instead of starting from scratch. 
  3. Archive procedure templates: Archive obsolete templates to ensure active procedures are always easy-to-find without affecting regulatory compliance.
  4. Standard deviation operand: Identify how statistically far outside of range a value is, and the risk level associated with it. 
  5. Sample and plate actions: Use the new procedure action to create a sample, or consume an existing one, and ensure you’re creating high quality products.
  6. Easy method to include digital instructions for sampling actions. 
  7. Procedure template report: Create a PDF or print report of your new batch template to accelerate the validation process for it.

Updated Integrations for Systems and Equipment

Last, but certainly not least, we’re going to walk you through what’s changing integration-wise for our systems and equipment. Let’s get started!

No-code integrations

Our no-code integrations let you streamline setup and configuration for common systems and equipment, with no coding expertise needed!

Here are the key no-code integrations:

  • Veeva QMS/DMS: Connect directly to a Veeva Cloud Environment and sync and monitor exceptions across Tempo and Veeva QMS. Plus, easily important and sync technique media and create new templates from Veeva docs. 
  • TetraScience: Use Schema Files developed by TetraScience to collect overall equipment results, detailed equipment sample results, and sample plate results for your LES. 
  • Weight & Dispense: Connect Tempo directly to on-prem scales through Ganymede, without causing the scales to lose communication with local equipment. 
  • DeltaV: Capture real-time data from your DeltaV database and enjoy dynamic triggers that ensure only valid alarms are captured. What’s more, with DeltaV you can view alarms and events within Tempo. 
  • OPC UA: Connect directly to any modern DCS / PCS / BMS, or modern life science system and browse tags during procedure authoring. OPC UA also allows you to read and write values to the OPC hierarchy during execution. 
  • Ignition SCADA: Connect to Ignition SCADA, and your devices and systems linked to it. Browse tags during procedure authoring and read or write values to any tag in your SCADA parameter hierarchy during execution.

Middleware integrations

ERP: Track and trace your products across manufacturing in real time

With our new middleware integrations you can connect to ERPs like SAP through Enterprise Middleware. You can sync and monitor critical manufacturing data like material resources, statuses, and batch runs between Tempo and your ERP. By doing so, you can:

  • Gain visibility on manufacturing across your enterprise
  • Optimize your drug production pipeline by having data from two critical manufacturing systems
  • Minimize supply chain variability, by ensuring you’re always ready for the next batch
“We’re especially excited about the ERP API integration we’ve added in the latest release. This allows our customers to synchronize Tempo with another crucial manufacturing system, like SAP, so they can optimize their drug production pipeline.”

— Andrew Benjamin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Apprentice

LIMS: Manage samples and associated data across their lifecycle and systems

Our other new middleware integration lets our users connect their LIMS to Tempo LES, to sync sample data from procedure runs. This means you can:

  • Test, assign, and track samples down to an individual level
  • Synchronize sample data between your LIMS records and the actual execution system

Custom API integrations

Complex industries like pharma often require custom integrations, which is why we’ve realized our custom API integration options. With this new update, you can enjoy:

  • Public API: Design your own integrations with Apprentice leveraging our documented Public API
  • Custom apps: Create and manage custom apps with secure keys within the Tempo platform. Define the permissions allowed, and rotate your secret keys as needed!
  • Event queue: Trigger output messages with an Event Messaging Queue on RabbitMQ, and give 3rd party apps a way to listen and update their data. 

Powered by these updates, you’ll be able to streamline your workflows, accelerate drug production lifecycles, minimize transcription errors, and collaborate with ease.

Coming Soon: Find Out More in the Navigator

Want to keep learning more about our latest release? You can browse our library and keep a pulse on current and past releases with Navigator’s Release Information section! Release notes have just been added for v6.5 on Halloween, so be sure to dive in.