Spotted in San Diego: Pharma MES

  • Published:
    Mar 24, 2022
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    Company News

A First Look at the Tempo Manufacturing Cloud

Last week the Apprentice team headed to sunny San Diego for Pharma MES USA, where we unveiled our Tempo Manufacturing Cloud in person for the very first time!

Attendees were invited to demo our latest cloud-based platform and chat with our MES experts about the benefits of going digital before heading over to our keynote address that kicked off the show.

Thursday: Angelo Stracquatanio’s Keynote

In his keynote address, CEO Angelo Stracquatanio took the audience on a journey through pharma’s current manufacturing technology, the industry’s growing challenges, and how organizations can remain competitive in a changing market:

Angelo's top take: Despite incredible therapeutic innovations, the approach to manufacture life-changing drugs is stuck in the past.

Today’s traditional manufacturing technology fails to serve all parts of a drug lifecycle, provides limited access to data, and requires extensive customization which further drains valuable resources.

As the industry shifts toward more complex manufacturing processes with biologics and cell & gene therapies, there’s greater pressure to overcome these hurdles, allowing for greater production speed, reliability, drug quality, and safety.

Friday: Tech Transfer Café with Emilee Cook

After a great first day at Pharma MES, Apprentice Senior Product Manager and all-around superstar Emilee Cook continued Friday’s events with a World Café Session.

Her topic? Exploring the biggest challenges to tech transfer in pharma manufacturing, for a new product introduction, transfer site to site, and transfer client to CMO.

Some of the questions Emilee covered in her session:

  • What are the technological tools and systems challenges? 
  • What are the resources, processes, and organizational challenges? 
  • How does a recipe evolve from preclinical to clinical to commercial? 
  • How does a recipe evolve when transferred from one site to another or from a client to a CMO? 
  • What are the challenges preventing global collaborations and tech transfers across manufacturing teams?

And a blue-sky question to wrap it up:

  • If I had a magic wand,* what would the perfect tech transfer solution look like?

*Hint: Our solution engineers recently piloted a few magic wands so they could bring this answer to life...

Behind the Scenes at the Apprentice Booth

While Angelo and Emilee lit up the stages and got conversations flowing, our stellar Senior Events Manager Natalie Schuyler kept things buzzing at the booth.

The Apprentice booth featured interactive demos from our MES experts and Solution Engineers Eliana Hriczo and Eric Ambrosio.

It wouldn’t be a conference without plenty of swag. This year, Apprentice provided Swell water bottles to keep things cool in the San Diego heat:

Come for the sessions, stay for the swag

All in all, our team had a blast meeting old friends and new at our Pharma MES booth! It was great talking shop with like-minded pharmaceutical manufacturing enthusiasts from all types of backgrounds.

Keynote Deck: Get the Slides

Miss this year’s Pharma MES? Not to worry! You can still check out Angelo’s keynote on our site.

In his keynote address, Angelo walks through his actionable recommendations on how to bring your operations up to date and make a successful transition to the modalities, methods, and technology of the future. Ever the pragmatist, he focuses on delivering actionable recommendations on how to bring your operations up to date and make a successful transition to the modalities, methods, and technology of the future.

Download a copy of Angelo’s Pharma MES presentation, “How to Adapt Manufacturing to New Modalities and Methods,” so you can learn how to:

  • Scale up and down to suit the different batch complexities and sizes
  • Handle frequent introductions of new products
  • Use real-time data to make strategic production decisions 
  • Orchestrate end-to-end production across teams and sites
  • Empower operators and scientists to execute better

Upcoming Events for 2022

We had a blast in San Diego, but that’s just the start of our 2022 conference tour!

Stay tuned for 4 more of our upcoming conferences this spring:

  1. Generis - American Biomanufacturing Summit in California
  2. Association for GxP Excellence in Texas
  3. AMG World - IoT & Smart Pharma Summit in California
  4. INTERPHEX in New York