Tandem 4.0

  • Published:
    Jan 29, 2019
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    Company News

Improved Navigation and Intuitive Feedback & AR

Our team of design and development experts have revamped Tandem. This is our best version yet, with improved navigation, intuitive feedback and AR capabilities. Apprentice brings augmented reality to enterprise, helping operators collaborate and problem solve with experts around the world.

One of the most significant aspects of Tandem 4.0 is the strong UX/UI redesign on smart glasses. We updated screen layouts, text and visual features for improved navigation and user experience. We added customized user menus and have improved voice command capabilities to support users as they move through processes. Users also receive application feedback during critical interactions, which helps organizations avoid costly deviations.

Tandem telepresence sessions can be conducted between operators and SMEs across any device. Tandem operates through smart glasses, a mobile iOS device or the web.

Tandem 4.0 Details: New Capabilities

New capabilities with HD screenshots, laser pointer & AR arrows were included in Tandem 4.0. Single or multi-user drawing annotations can be made on a user's captured image. Remote experts can use a laser pointer to hover over a specific area in real-time to guide users through a process. An expert can even drop an augmented reality arrow in the real world as a user shares his or her field of view.

Our latest Tandem release pairs all our best, carefully crafted, design elements with mature feature development. Keeping our users’ needs in mind, we made our platform more flexible, user-friendly and AR-enhanced.

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