How Apprentice Accelerated COVID Vaccine Development

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    Feb 26, 2021
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A Talk with TechUnited NJ

As the FDA advisory committee met to consider authorizing Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine for emergency use, there is no better time to bring to light the immense challenges and hurdles so many life science manufacturing teams have faced throughout this last year. With unprecedented speed, global pharmaceutical leaders and their teams raced to develop an effective vaccine during what has been a truly devastating pandemic. We are eager to see this potential third vaccine join the ranks with Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. If cleared, it would be the only one to provide protection with a single dose, which may help expedite inoculation efforts as virus variants continue to spread.

It’s important to note that pharma, in general, has seen major changes over the years, advancing drug development from easy-to-manufacture pills, to biologics and personalized medicine. This increase in complexity and demand has encouraged the life sciences industry to look beyond outdated, traditional approaches, toward more advanced, intelligent technology that can better handle these new processes and the challenges that go along with them.

Listen in as Apprentice CEO breaks down these complex processes, discusses the significance of modern and flexible intelligent platforms paired with pharma-specific remote collaboration, and what it was like for Apprentice to help the world’s leading life science teams develop COVID vaccine candidates.

Our global Apprentice teams are so honored and proud to be a part of the development and manufacturing of today’s critical drug products, treatments and therapeutics. We are committed to helping life science teams improve their processes and and increase speed to market so that safe, reliable treatments get to the people who need them the most.