From Paper to Digital and Beyond

  • Published:
    Sep 4, 2020
  • Category:
    White Paper
  • Topic:
    Digital Transformation

What Your Pharma Manufacturing System Should Deliver

In recent years life science organizations have moved away from paper records, heading toward a digital transformation that ensures greater efficiency, reliability and speed to market.

Apprentice’s intelligent platform is the only solution for life sciences, taking them not just from paper to digital, but to a new world of intelligent manufacturing that is designed specifically for compliance-driven environments.

With the adoption of new technology practices, organizations must ensure that the quality, reliability and services offered by these providers are built to last and will continue to prove successful now and in the future. So what should these organizations look for?

A pharma focus

Apprentice is the only solution provider built specifically for life sciences. Our team members are comprised of experts in technology development as well as pharma manufacturing. We understand the needs, demands and expectations of life science organizations and design products that will work within those complex environments.

User-friendly technology

Apprentice technology is easy to implement with no extensive training required. Workflows are ergonomic, limiting any major change to process or habit. Our platform is designed to improve yield, reduce deviations and increase speed to market using augmented reality and intelligent technology that adheres to Pharma 4.0 and Industry 4.0 standards. With a connected system and intelligent tools at your fingertips, teams can work more efficiently, reliably and with greater ease. We know that complex, compliance-driven organizations require flexible solutions for various environments. That’s why we assess your organization’s process and provide solution options tailored to your team's specific needs.

Built for the future

Apprentice is leading the future of pharma with intelligent solutions that are AI and AR driven, intuitive, predictive in nature and spatially aware. We help organizations improve future processes, collaborate remotely and connect the dots between what they have, how/where they use it, and what they will need soon. Organizations with advanced manufacturing systems such as Apprentice, reduce deviations, improve yield and increase speed to market. Our customers limit travel requirements and in-person events — especially significant today in our post COVID world — improve operator efficiency and improve environmental sustainability among many other benefits.

Global connectivity

Pharma teams must collaborate with experts, vendors, partners and sister facilities around the world in real-time on a regular basis. As a result, these teams require a solution that can work on any device from anywhere in the world. That’s why Apprentice solutions are built with intelligent, language independent AR tools and global language translations that improve clarity and increase speed to resolution. Intelligent tools enhance collaboration and troubleshooting sessions so that critical manufacturing functions can be carried out remotely without negatively impacting production.

Live support

When issues arise, it’s critical that solution platforms offer immediate help options for immediate resolution. Apprentice offers 24/7 global support for its customers via phone, live chat, email and our extensive knowledge base. We know that our customers’ processes are time sensitive, as many of them deliver lifesaving products to patients around the world. That’s why we offer the highest level of support possible, ensuring that those critical processes are never disrupted.

Data integrity & security

In Pharma, data is key. With the right data at your fingertips, you can gain deeper insights and improve future batches. Apprentice’s platform is intelligent and intuitive, offering data insights every step of the way from intelligent batch reporting with AI and machine learning models to augmented workflows with rich data access, linking and more. Share data across teams and store that data to efficiently reference at a later date, improving audit processes. Apprentice goes beyond digitization and unlocks the power behind your data, delivering intelligent manufacturing solutions built for the future.

Out-of-the-box solutions

For customers who require immediate, one box solutions that can be shipped quickly and set up seamlessly, Apprentice offers Rapid Deployment Kits. Our kits arrive with preconfigured equipment and any necessary accessories so that you can get started immediately. Our RDKs have been especially significant during this COVID-19 pandemic, as many of our customers needed immediate to establish and expand their remote collaboration platforms among various teams and sites.