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INTERPHEX 2019 was an incredible show.  It is the leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device development and manufacturing event.  Industry professionals attend INTERPHEX each year to find new quality technologies, products and services for pharma manufacturing and development.

We spoke to hundreds of pharma leaders who are extremely excited about the incredibly useful applications for smart technology and augmented reality in the pharma and biotech world.

Our advanced technology drew in crowds of people who were eager to learn about our platform capabilities. We are thrilled to be INTERPHEX's "most innovative product/service," according to show attendees.  This truly is a great time for augmented reality and pharma manufacturing, in which AR is actively used to solve every day industry pain points and challenges.

The Apprentice platform is GMP-compliant, and integrates with existing MES/EBR and other pharma enterprise systems to enhance and improve workflows, making it an ideal solution for life sciences manufacturing.

Powerful Pharma

Fully-Encrypted Solution & Secure Data Storage
Hands-Free Data Access & Capture
Superior Tracking
Higher Quality Batches
First-Time Execution Reliability - No Deviations
Faster Production
Instant Troubleshooting
Build out Tribal Knowledge
Instant, Remote-Vendor Support
Cost-Effective Training

Our CEO, Angelo Stracquatanio, was invited by INTERPHEX to present as an expert speaker in a technical conference on the evolution of EBR systems in pharma. Stracquatanio detailed the industry’s current situation, the challenges it faces, and how to address them with augmented batch records and SOPs.

[caption id="attachment_431" align="alignleft" width="478"]

Apprentice CEO & Co-Founder, Angelo Stracquatanio, presented at the Interphex Technical Conference on the Evolution of EBR Systems[/caption]

Stracquatanio explored how organizations can take their existing content (batch records & SOPs), augment it and execute on any device.  Whether you use paper or EBR/MES systems, Apprentice can help deliver better batches, faster, and with higher reliability.

This is the future of batch-based manufacturing, and Apprentice is leading the charge.

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