Manufacturing COVID Vaccines

  • Published:
    Jan 20, 2021
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    White Paper
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How Pharma Manufacturing Teams Can Scale Faster for COVID

As the world anxiously awaits the end of this COVID-19 pandemic, life science organizations continue to push forward at an incredible pace to increase manufacturing capacity, ensure safety and support the effective distribution of vaccines.

Under normal manufacturing circumstances, capacity would be built into processes as a medicine or therapeutic is developed, with a central supply chain already in place. However, unexpected global pandemic developments created an urgent need for a quick and reliable treatment, leading many manufacturers to adopt new approaches for scaling and increasing their speed to market.

Such an immense, rapid process requires close data monitoring, the highest level of first-time execution reliability, proper resource management and efficient collaboration among vendors/CMOs/SMEs in order to ensure the greatest yield and product quality.

Increase Efficiency and Reliability with Remote Collaboration Systems

As a result, these complex organizations have looked to intelligent technology platforms and remote collaboration systems to provide an enhanced, yet affordable, way to increase efficiency and reliability across manufacturing processes, allowing organizations to scale faster, despite the challenges and demands brought on by the pandemic.

Intelligent systems breathe new life into manufacturing systems and pharma-compliant remote collaboration platforms, operating across devices, time zones and languages, with built in artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality and mixed reality – something that paper methods or traditional systems simply can’t achieve.

As the demand on the life sciences industry increases, pharmaceutical manufacturing teams will continue to rely more on the industry’s only intelligent platform that delivers a highly efficient and flexible Pharma 4.0-driven system that guides operators through processes, connects teams, partners, suppliers and vendors across the globe in real-time, and helps them get vaccines and other lifesaving drugs to market faster.

In this new age of manufacturing, intelligent systems that can offer deep data analytics across batches, resource management, guided workflows and remote collaboration/troubleshooting across processes will hold the competitive advantage. With the ability to scale faster and increase speed to market, there’s no doubt that our hardworking pharma manufacturing teams can meet today’s challenges and provide life saving treatments to the people who need them the most.