Product Spotlight: Tempo LES

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    Apr 7, 2022
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    Digital Transformation

Picture this: You’re in the lab, conducting quality tests on a new drug sample.

You’re trying to locate the root of a months-old inconsistency, but there’s so much data to parse. You’re not sure where to start, much less where you’ll need to end up.

Enter Tempo LES: With an automated alert, you’ll be instantly warned any time entered data falls outside of the acceptable range.

Say goodbye to months of groundwork in reviewing piles of paper-based results.

In mere minutes, your team has easily located and resolved the exception, avoiding lengthy paper trails and saving countless hours and resources. Tempo LES lets you work smarter, not harder: cut down on manual effort while ensuring drug purity.

Why You Need Our Cloud-Based LES

Paper-based standard operating procedures (SOPs) aren’t able to optimize for a range of acceptable test results. Whatever gets recorded gets entered into the system, even if it’s problematic. 

What does this mean for you? Paper-logged exceptions can’t get flagged in the moment. You'll have to catch them later, sloughing through months of work and piles of paper.

Free your QC from errors, roadblocks, and delays

Built for the modern quality control lab, Apprentice’s laboratory execution system (LES) helps you release batches faster with real-time quality control. 

Through our cloud-powered tech, scientists can author rich digital work instructions, manage samples and lab resources at scale, and execute test methods on mobile and wearable devices. 

Tempo LES lets you ensure quality parameters are met through customizable guardrails.

Our programmable LES guardrails prevent scientists from completing a step when values deviate from defined ranges and calculate formulas automatically. 

If something’s not right, Tempo LES lets you know in real time — giving you the power to set things straight in the moment.

How can Tempo LES make your job easier?

Use our LES to optimize your laboratory execution system workflows:

  • Use our headset to collect sample data hands-free
  • Avoid transcription errors by quickly scanning barcodes
  • Easily track samples, materials, and instruments
With Tempo LES, programmable guardrails guarantee accuracy in real time.

So What Sets Our LES Apart?

Only Tempo LES is purpose-built to meet pharmaceutical laboratory requirements. Our unique lab-specific capabilities let you:

  • Develop test methods without coding. With intuitive, no-code method authoring designed for scientists, your quality team has full control to develop test methods on their own.
  • Operate hands free in the lab. Wearable headsets with AR overlays, photos, videos, and audio can be attached to each step so that scientists can get crystal-clear guidance on the test method step they need to execute.
  • Review exceptions in real time. Release batches faster by providing immediate resolution of exceptions, instead of waiting months and following a confusing and lengthy paper trail.

Better Together: Level-Up Your LES

Optimize your workflow: LES + Tandem

Keep production running all around the globe by integrating Tandem with our lab execution system (LES). 

Tandem combines high-quality video streaming, AR, and live voice transcription with wearable headsets to give remote colleagues a detailed, first-person perspective into an operator’s workflow.

Break down silos: LES + MES

Use our LES in combination with our manufacturing execution system to eliminate delays and drive action on real-time quality feedback across all production teams. Empower your scientists and operators to work together to prevent deviations and achieve faster batch release.

Harness the cloud with Tempo: LES + MES + Tandem

Tempo is built so multiple teams can use one unified platform across every stage of the drug supply chain. With shared capabilities, your teams can start operating without stopping for data, knowledge, or process transfer between siloed systems.

Take a Look at Tempo LES

LES sets you up for expedient success. How? By empowering you to test samples faster, while ensuring the highest quality and safety standards are met.

Our industry-leading clients use Tempo LES to:

  • Ensure accurate execution with augmented instructions
  • Reduce human error with system intelligence
  • Manage material inventory and instrument status in real time
  • Create no-code integrations with their lab systems 

Our LES makes it easy to optimize your digital work instructions to achieve better test method execution. Learn more about how Tempo LES makes quality control faster, easier, and more accurate. Discover our LES.

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