The Augmented Workforce

  • Published:
    Nov 19, 2018
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    Augmented Reality

We Don’t Just Augment Reality; We Augment Human Ability

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives, vastly improving communication, understanding, learning and efficiency. At Apprentice, we believe that technology, specifically augmented reality (AR), can enhance human abilities, making the human workforce more powerful. It’s one of the reasons Apprentice was founded. We’re proud to know that our AR and AI-driven solutions can empower individuals working in various complex environments, ushering in the next wave of human potential.

These augmented reality systems and telepresence collaboration tools have altered and redefined the everyday workflow, creating an enhanced, augmented workforce.

How Will AR and AI Reshape Organizations?

We’ve already seen a massive shift in adoption and acceptance of AR and AI tech in both consumer driven industries and the enterprise. Advancements to AR and AI will reshape an organization’s many facets, including a company’s ROI, traction and growth.

Considering the cost-effective benefits that this tech can provide, it should come as no surprise that this is the workforce of the future. With AR and AI, users gain access to enhanced content on any number of sync-able devices in order to limit deviations and intuitively capture data. As these practices are adopted, the way we interact with technology will change, but it will change for the better. Imagine a workforce in which anyone can be an operational expert by leveraging smart glasses and mobile technologies to gather information at the moment you need it. It will allow workers improve communication, problem solving and strategic thinking.

With an augmented workforce, operational functionality is improved and immediate collaboration or problem solving can happen in an instant. This doesn’t mean that robots take over the world or steal your jobs. In fact, we believe the opposite is true – that this shift will foster a synergistic relationship between technology and humans in which the two work together to achieve great things.

As our CEO & Co-Founder says, “We don’t just augment reality; we augment human ability.”