Happy Earth Day from Apprentice!

  • Published:
    April 22, 2022
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    Work Culture

Happy Earth Day from our virtual office to yours! We're so happy to have had this chance to celebrate Earth Day as a company and show the planet some much-needed love. Read on for our top two April planetary activities:

Take One: 3,000 Trees Planted with One Tree Planted

Donation matching: $1 = 1 tree saved

We’re inspired by the dream of a paper-free world. We help our clients move from paper to the cloud, so we know the importance of saving our trees.

For that reason, Apprentice has matched all employee pledges to One Tree Planted as our core 2022 Earth Day initiative.

Why we picked One Tree Planted

  • What: For every dollar you donate, they plant a tree. Pretty incredible, right?
  • Why: Every 6 seconds, the Earth loses an entire soccer field of primary rainforest due to deforestation. This has massive consequences for global warming and the creation of future medicines.
  • How: They’ve already planted over 40 million trees in over 43 countries to date since 2014, including 23.5 million trees planted in 2021 alone.
Megan Clarke from One Tree Planted with a midway update for our team

Take Two: Our Earth, Our Home, Our Photos

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So our team rallied together to share photos of all the different ways we celebrate the beautiful blue marble we call home!

From family hikes to season time-lapses to clean-up activities, it was great to get an inside look at all the different ways we enjoy planet Earth:

Lisa young: Neighborhood waterfront clean-up with a Princess Elsa cameo

Kelly Opatka: Family art activity to create planters for a local park

Kelly Stewart: Hugging trees while walking dogs

Obay Alchorbaji: Four seasons from his backyard

Kristen Kucks: Baby's first Earth Day picnic

Ayush K.: Converting old coffee mugs into beautiful planters

Matt Tischio: First west coast hike to the Pacific Ocean

Eileen Whitener: Toddler gardening strategy = petting the flowers to help them grow

Nathan Anderson: Taking Yoda the Corgi on a Portland waterfall hike

Closing thoughts: Community outreach in the time of COVID

During these "new normal" times that are anything but, it can be hard to stay connected as a team.

But when you put in the effort, it's amazing how close you can feel to your team through a shared sense of community outreach!

Today we celebrate our love for planet earth. But we're always looking for new ways to show how much #apprentice-cares, so stay tuned!

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