Happy Halloween from the Apprentice Team!

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    Nov 4, 2022
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    Work Culture

From punk rockoons to Cruella de Vil, our team slayed a slew of looks this Halloween.

Read on to check out all the costumes we rocked, including cameos from some Apprentice pets & kiddos!

Candy: The Ultimate Brain Food

When we hear “Halloween,” we think candy. What can we say? It’s just who we are.

Lucky for us, our fabulous Office Managers share our team values.

The Executive Team kicked off our 2022 Apprentice Halloween celebration by providing our onsite Jersey City team with an adorable array of spooky tricks & treats:

Costume Contest

Nothing sparks a party like some friendly competition. And this was a big one — 100+ Apprentices from far and wide joined this year’s Halloween costume contest!

Locals headed to the office decked out in their costumes, and remote teammates from all over the globe shared photos of their looks.

Everyone killed it, but there were three definite fan favorites this year. Check out our three costume contest winners from our 2022 Halloween celebration:

First Place: Our Lady of Cats, Latisha

With her Cat Lady look, Apprentice Executive Assistant Latisha Johnson Morgan won by a landslide.

The glasses! The cigarette! That bathrobe! This look is just *chef’s kiss*

Second Place: Our Resident Mobster, Aal Pacino

Our Senior IOS Engineer Aalhad Patankar came in second with his spot-on impression of Al, or rather Aal, Pacino!

Third Place: Our Adorable Bovine Buddy, Kristen

They say good things come in threes… And this year’s third-place winner is no exception!

Our fabulous Director of Communications Kristen Kucks pulled off a family look as Old MacDonald and his farm animals. We think it might be cheating to include a baby this cute in your submission, but we’ll allow it ;)

Spooky Pets, Apprentice Style

What’s better than pets? Pets in costume, of course. Halloween’s not just for humans, after all!

Our Senior Product Marketing Manager Andrew Benjamin dressed up his two adorable pups in Hogwarts gear:

And our Senior Sales Executive Eileen Sullivan-Scully dressed up her dogs Rocky & Bella.

As Eileen jokes, “This is what happens when your teenagers don't want you taking pics anymore!”

Repping the cat people, Senior DevSecOps Engineer Michael Keels pulled off this “Bass Ventura” look for his annual Halloween show:

Apprentice Kiddos in Costume

What’s even cuter than costumed pets, you might ask? The kiddos of Apprentice, who broke new records for Halloween adorability!

Our VP, Account Management and Chief Futurist Frank Maggiore shared this photo of his daughter absolutely nailing the Cruella de Vil look:

Does this Cruella look familiar? That's because this honorary Apprentice and her father were featured earlier this year for their multigenerational inventor superpowers!

Next, Apprentice Automation Engineer Srividya Mahadevan’s son turned into a ninja for the day:

And Apprentice Controller Oscar Lobo shared this adorable family costume:

Unleash the Beast: Animal Costumes

We're always here for a good portmanteau. And our Customer Success Manager Jennifer Kurucz delivered! 

Jennifer transformed into a punk rockoon for the day. And she got busted doing what punk rocker raccoons do best — wreaking havoc while ransacking the office kitchen:

Senior Technical Support Specialist Jason Corvino made a wonderful Winnie the Pooh:

It wouldn't be Halloween without a touch of whimsy.

Luckily, magical animals were represented as well! Here’s our Chief of Staff Liz Hall channeling her inner unicorn:

The Final Frontier: Outer Space Looks

Here at Apprentice, we shoot for the stars in our work as well as our wardrobes.

Here’s our Senior Front End Engineer Jonathan Borgia as an astronaut:

And here’s our Content Marketing Director Kelly Stewart as outer space, with her bestie Anna Dove as a NASA Saltwater Cowgirl:

Back in Time: Throwback Costumes

Traveling not only through space but also time, the team shared several great throwback looks from Halloweens past.

Here’s a pic of mummified Apprentice Controller Oscar Lobo from days of yore:

And our Lead Recruiter Kim Erickson shared some blood-curdling zombie throwback photos:

Not a zombie fan? Not a problem — Kim’s family pulls off sweet as well as spooky.

Check out this throwback from another Erickson family Halloween, featuring their spot-on Willy Wonka look:

Clowns, Bananas, and Witches — Oh My!

The Engineering Team showed up with killer costumes this Halloween! Here’s Cyber Security Engineer Quoc Duong as a post-apocalyptic cyber punk clown.

As Quoc warns, “The spookiest part is that my arm is running unpatched Linux!” Oh, the horror...

And to balance out the day’s inevitable candy overload, Senior Backend Developer Magnus Petersen-Paaske showed up as a banana:

Our Office Manager Maria Rodriguez made a fantastic Wicked Witch of Apprentice:

And Senior CS Product Trainer Matthew Sarlo repped the L&D team with this Dino Wrangler look!

Spotted in Jersey: Local Halloween Decor

Costumes are great, but spooky décor is where it’s at.

Our resident genius and Senior Product Specialist Laura Jacoby took a walk around the block shared some of her favorite neighborhood decorations...

From festive:

To downright ghoulish:

We’re not scared of that giant evil clown! You’re scared! (OK, fine... we are actually deeply scared. But we’ll be alright.)

And that’s a wrap on this year’s company Halloween celebration! From our virtual office to yours, we're wishing a happy spooky season to all.

We'll sign off with a plea to all you Mariah Carey season enthusiasts (looking at you, Drishti!) to take down those holiday ornaments and let the Halloween magic linger a little longer.

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