New Faces of Apprentice: Summer Edition

  • Published:
    Sep 14, 2022
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    Work Culture

Meet the New Apprentices!

Now that we’re (begrudgingly) beginning to accept that fall is around the corner, it’s time to look back on the summer. To that end, we’d love to introduce you to the some of the newest Apprentices to join our company over the summer:

Adhish Gupta: Product Specialist, Team Lead, Customer Success

Hello! I’m excited to be working with the Apprentice CS team as the Product Team Lead for India. I love solving complex user requirements, and collaborating with teammates to define processes and configuration standards.
  • Role at Apprentice: Configuring, collaborating on, and delivering our unique Tempo MES solution to our clients
  • Resource for: Functional and process-related questions in the biotech and OSD drug manufacturing industry
  • Superpowers: I can get really molecular and dive into rabbit holes of curiosity, but my main superpower is being able to extrapolate to a bigger picture, constantly taking a step back in order to predict and track the final outcome based on micro-data. Challenge me to a board game at your own risk, also for some reason I can type blindfolded at 55 WPM :)

Anaheet Gazder: Senior Product Designer, Product

Thank you all for a warm welcome to Apprentice! I am impressed with your efficient way of getting new hires onboarded and armed with the tools needed to succeed. It's been a great first two weeks — I've had the opportunity to meet some of you, and look forward to meeting more!
  • Role at Apprentice: Collaborating with PMs, developers, engineers and subject matter experts to design and improve features of our products
  • Resource for: Designing intuitive user experiences for our Tandem and Tempo products
  • Superpowers: Empathizing with user needs and providing intuitive design solutions that delight and empower people. Also, I am undefeated at ping pong — that's my big superpower!

Megan Owen: People Operations Lead, Human Resources

Hello! I’m so happy to have had the chance to jump right in and already meet many of you. I’m based in central VA — looking out at the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains right now!
  • Role at Apprentice: Building out our people processes and procedures for a more cohesive, efficient, and well rounded employee experience
  • Resource for: All things HR
  • Superpowers: Efficiency; listening; data integrity; holding a baby while also holding and/or doing 865 other things; go-kart racing; real estate investing; puzzles; useless reptile/dino knowledge acquired from my four year old

Quoc Duong: Cyber Security Engineer, Engineering

Hello! My name is Quoc (sounds like quail and rhymes with sock), and I'm so excited to be at Apprentice.
  • Role at Apprentice: Helping to ensure and bolster security at Apprentice
  • Resource for: Threat modeling, Security best practices, and problem solving
  • Superpowers: Trying things till they work, poking things till they break, expert Googler

Robert Hamlin: CS Manager, Customer Success

Hello! This is Rob (or Robert, whichever is fine, but never Bob). I’m looking forward to finding ways I can contribute and be a resource to others on my team!
  • Role at Apprentice: Managing pilots to help ensure potential customers have a positive onboarding experience
  • Resource for: Updates on pilots
  • Superpowers: Team work, problem solving, understanding customer needs, establishing and maintaining relationships, delivering value, and closing the deal!

Takusuke Fujii: Delivery Lead, Customer Success

I am very happy to be a part of such an innovative company. I used to be a MES developer at a motor manufacturer and I loved visiting the factories — I’m excited to now have the chance to visit the manufacturing sites in life science industry!
  • Role at Apprentice: Contributing to the customer’s success in both product and cultural understanding
  • Resource for: Product expertise as well as Japanese business culture and language
  • Superpowers: Manufacturing enthusiast, cooking, and entertaining my four-year-old daughter

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