Remote Work in a COVID World

  • Published:
    Aug 8, 2020
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    Life Sciences

The Pandemic Shift

The Coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed traditional work norms as we know them. Teams across the globe have now instituted widespread work from home protocols, limiting face-to-face interactions, travel and on site collaboration.

As more organizations find success with this remote work transition, they are assessing the technology solutions needed so that teams can still collaborate daily, solve problems and have eyes on site.

Life Sciences

The life science industry has been greatly impacted by COVID-19. The teams around the world responsible for pharma manufacturing have looked for efficient, secure ways to communicate remotely, connect with vendors who can’t travel on site, provide facility tours in a safe way, successfully navigate facility acceptance testing and much more.

As a result, intelligent AR and AI-driven technologies have seen rapid adoption, especially within complex industries that must preserve supply chains and provide a safe work environment for essential personnel while minimizing disruption to critical operations. With the appropriate flexible platforms in place, many pharma functions can continue remotely, in a comfortable way, without any major shifts in behavior.

Intelligent Solutions

As the global leader of intelligent technology and remote collaboration solutions for life sciences, Apprentice is proud to help these pharma teams navigate and succeed during these challenging times.

Tandem, our leading remote collaboration platform, is built specifically for pharma environments, connecting teams around the world with augmented reality and intelligent tools that enhance communication, provide immediate clarity during crucial moments, and allow teams to function as if they were together in a suite or lab space.

Apprentice has helped pharma and biotech organizations establish robust business continuity plans across global supply chain networks to prepare for unforeseen events while still meeting the daily needs of patients around the world.

Our customers also use Apprentice to manage and predict critical inventory, train remotely, leverage intelligent batch reporting for deeper campaign insight that leads to improved yield, provide augmented work instructions/procedures with voice instructions and rich data that ensures first time execution reliability and faster speed to market and much more.

Digital Manufacturing Trends and Industry Adoption

As pharma organizations around the world work quickly to identify a COVID-19 vaccine, Apprentice solutions have been critical in helping to improve and elevate those processes. Apprentice customers have been able to successfully adapt and address challenges as the pandemic continues.

Many leading pharma organizations have already established internal initiatives aimed at digital advancement and the adoption of intelligent technology. As additional encouragement comes from regulatory agencies, more traditional pharmaceutical processes continue to shift to more agile models that expedite processes for future emergencies and are consistent with Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing trends. Through Apprentice, life sciences teams can establish a system that is built for the future.