New Faces of Apprentice: February Edition

  • Published:
    Mar 9, 2022
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    Work Culture

Meet the New Apprentices!

Welcome to the February edition of our New Faces of Apprentice series!

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that didn’t stop a fantastic group of new hires from joining our team.

Read on to meet the latest Apprentices to join our company, as well as their families and some possible (okay, probable) pet cameos.

Cori Schlegel: Staff Reliability Engineer, Engineering

"I'm here to help Apprentice's products become more observable and stay appropriately reliable. Folks can come to me for: Infrastructure and reliability questions, commiseration over home maintenance."
  • Superpower: Staying calm and carrying on (that's pretty useful both in and out of work).
  • Favorite activities: Video games, reading, good television (it's the new golden age!).
  • Where I’ve lived: Western MD/PA; Sudbury, ON, CA; Kansas City, MO; Madison WI and environs.
  • Apps I can't live without: Roam Research, Steam, Web browser.
  • What annoys me the most: Talking for the sake of talking.
  • If I could have coffee with anyone: Ben Franklin.

Dauzuoye Ekubor : Product Specialist, Customer Success

"I have a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering with previous MES experience building out master batch records in big pharma. My favorite things to do include playing with other people's dogs, exercise/yoga at the gym, and re-watching The Office on Netflix."
  • Superpower: dog whisperer, I can get any dog to love me (treats are my trump card).
  • Where I’ve lived: born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and have lived there my whole life.
  • Apps I can't live without: Waze + Spotify (Road trips and a nice playlist are the best).
  • What annoys me the most: Identity theft (It's not a joke, Jim).
  • If I could have coffee with anyone: Whitney Houston.

David Chen: Director of Engineering, Engineering

"I'll be helping out with managing and delivering software to execute on Angelo's big visions. I've previously worked in other small to medium sized startups (FinTech, AdTech, FitTech), primarily building out and managing the engineering group."
  • Superpower: Keeping my inbox clean. I believe there's the 10k unread email camp and the 0 unread email camp and I'm in the latter.
  • Favorite activities: Hanging out with my dog (~3 year old rescue, had him for 1.5 years, he's a handful); Powerlift (I'm not that strong, it's an excuse to eat more snacks and ice cream); Sci-fi shows and indie roguelikes.
  • Where I’ve lived: Northeastern China (Huludao, Liaoning); Szechuan for a bit; immigrated to US and stayed in Fresh Meadows for about a year; moved to Philly and have been here since.
  • Apps I can't live without: Notepad++ and GCal, keeps me organized and sane.
  • What annoys me the most: Chewing with mouth open. I have pretty bad misophonia.
  • If I could have coffee with anyone: Does my younger self count? A lot of things I could've done better.

Drishti Wadhwa: Product Marketing Manager, Marketing

"I’m from Texas, but have lived on all the coasts. I’ll be helping the Marketing team enable our customer-facing teams and content, establish positioning and messaging, and build GTM activities such as pricing, research and more. I’m currently a part-time Master’s student at Georgetown. Life sciences is new to me, but SaaS, tech, partnerships and people have formed the core of the work I’ve done so far."
  • Superpower: Bringing together different people to make a community (for example: having sorority sisters taking my ChemE friends as dates to formal, throwing dinner parties where I seat different enneagrams next to each other).
  • Favorite activities: Making Tasty (the brand) recipes; Buying my niece all the desserts and then give her back when the hype starts to take over; Redoing thrifted furniture (refinishing, new paint); Finding local family-run hole-in-the-wall places for amazing, large portions of delicious food.
  • Where I’ve lived: Dubai; Louisiana: Berwick, Lafayette, Houma; Texas: Cypress, Houston, Austin; New Jersey: New Brunswick, Hoboken; Manhattan, NY; Oakland, CA; Cypress, TX.
  • App I can't live without: Twitter.
  • What annoys me the most: Holiday stuff on shelves 3 months before a holiday (why is Christmas stuff out in August or why is Valentine’s Day stuff out in December???).
  • If I could have coffee with anyone: Sacagawea.

James Duff: Product Specialist, Customer Success

"I am based in Kilbeggan in Ireland (the home of Kilbeggan Whiskey and 2 Gingers Whiskey). I came here from Viatris in Dublin Ireland where I worked as Systems Technician on the design and implementation of MES across the site into new areas of the company. This is my second start-up experience in my career so I can't wait to learn and be a part of something that is growing so quickly!"
  • Superpower: Staying calm and carrying on.
  • Favorite activities: Traveling with family and experiencing different cultures; Finding different ways to stimulate my daughter and finding the energy to keep up with her.
  • Where I’ve lived: Athlone, Ireland; Torrevieja, Spain; Tandragee Northern Ireland, UK; and last but not least Kilbeggan, Ireland.
  • Apps I can't live without: WhatsApp, LinkedIn, DoneDeal.
  • What annoys me the most: Uncertainty; if I don't know the answer to something I keep digging till I get the answer (my friends call me Google).
  • Weakness: Vehicles. We currently have 5 of them. 1 van which is going to be converted to a camper in the summertime, 1 VW T2 camper (long-term repair job), 1 VW Golf 1990 as the summer runaround and myself and my wife each have our own daily drivers.

Josh Morgan: Director of Engineering, Engineering

"I come with an extensive background in MES solutions, specifically Emerson's Syncade product. I'll be helping to deliver the Tempo MES software and hopefully leveraging some of my experience to ensure we don't repeat some of the past mistakes of legacy MES packages. I'm a strong believer that great products are made by teams who are well supported by leadership and want to ensure our engineering team has the support needed to deliver the best product possible!"
  • Superpower: I pick up on song lyrics extremely quickly.
  • Favorite activities: Spend time with my family; Play guitar/music with friends; Board and card games!
  • Where I’ve lived: I grew up in a small town in Indiana on a farm owned by my grandparents and uncles. After the pandemic hit, I moved back to a suburb of Indianapolis named Whitestown. We love it here and do not plan on moving again!
  • App I can't live without: It used to be MS Teams, but I have a feeling Slack is going to replace it.
  • What annoys me the most: I can’t stand to wear watches or rings.
  • If I could have coffee with anyone: Would love to talk music with Trent Reznor for a few hours! Can I have chai instead?

Mike Morotti: Senior Sales Executive, Sales

"My job is to lead by example by becoming a trusted advisor in the accounts that we seek to align with. Create demand through continuous outreach and convert into revenue. Be world class, a great team player, always. Use innovative approaches to targeting the right audience. C-suite alignment. Networking. Close deals."
  • Superpowers: 1. Flight. I've been a Commercial pilot since 1990. 2. Being “dad.”
  • Favorite activities: 1. My children are my world. (Jacob, Kayla, Sofia) 2. Fitness/health, from Orange Theory to Spartan Racing. 3. Everything music.
  • Where I’ve lived: 1. New York 2. Alabama 3. San Francisco, California 4. Granite Bay, California.
  • Apps I can't live without: 1. SMS 2. Spotify 3. Instagram.
  • What annoys me the most: Arrogance.
  • If I could have coffee with anyone: Bono (Lead singer of U2).

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