New Faces of Apprentice: January Edition

  • Published:
    Feb 18, 2022
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    Work Culture

Meet the New Apprentices!

Welcome to the inaugural January edition of our recurring New Faces of Apprentice series!

We’ve been growing our team these past few months, and we’d love to introduce you to the some of the newest Apprentices to join our company. If travel stories and adorable pet photos are what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

Andrew Benjamin: Senior Product Marketing Manager, Marketing

"Life sciences is new to me, but product marketing, tech, and SaaS are my bread and butter. I live up in the great white north of Waterloo, Canada with my fiancée, Ashley, and our two winter-loving dogs, Serge Ibarka and Scottie Barnes."
  • Favorite things to do: Gaming, cooking, working out, watching the Leafs, Raptors, Jays & F1.
  • Places lived: Waterloo & Newmarket, Savannah, Georgia.
  • Apps I can’t live without: Spotify and The Athletic.
  • What annoys me: Traffic never going faster than a crawl across Toronto's 18-lane highway.
  • Superpower: Podcasts & music with lyrics somehow help me focus.

Jason Corvino: Senior Technical Support Specialist, R&D

"I have been doing support for over 20 years with the last 9 being on SAAS based platforms. My wife and I have 2 teenagers, both play ice hockey, we have a 1-year-old golden doodle named Gracie, living near Boston, MA."
  • Superpower: Short-circuit troubleshooting.
  • Favorite things: Skiing, Golfing, Cruising, and whiskey.
  • Where have I lived: Born and raised in Somerville, MA, we purchased our current house in Brockton 17 years ago.
  • App I can't live without: Spotify and the NHL app.
  • Annoys me the most: Consistently breaking promises.
  • If I could have coffee with anyone: I would like to sit down with George Carlin.

Kim Erickson: Recruiting Lead, Talent Acquisition

"I am a Recruiting Lead and I am ready to help grow Apprentice exponentially. I have worked for several software start-ups, recruiting, managing, implementing, and executing processes, however my most recent role was a Talent Acquisition Partner for Adobe. My husband, Jeff, and I have 3 human kids and 3 fur kids."
  • Favorite things to do: All things beach related, workout/physical activity, create Halloween costumes.
  • Places lived: Maryland, Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas, Georgia.
  • App of choice: Audible.
  • Pet peeve: Slow drivers.
  • Dream coffee date: David Goggins.
  • My superpower: I have never met a stranger and I can find a connection to them within 60 seconds!

Jonathan Epstein: Senior Sales Executive, Sales

"I’m looking forward to getting to know the teams, driving revenue growth, and adding to the supportive, GSD Apprentice culture I’ve lucked into. I’m from Buffalo NY, live in Colorado, have three daughters, played tennis professionally (not very well), and have been in enterprise tech for 20+ years in a variety of sales roles."
  • Favorite things to do: Playing or teaching tennis, skiing, running, swimming, learning to code, cooking, and watching the Bills + Sabres.
  • Places lived: Buffalo, San Diego, San Francisco, Boulder.
  • App of choice: Spotify.
  • Pet peeve: Tailgaters (not the pre-game kind).
  • Dream coffee: Roger Federer.
  • Superpower: Making breakfast sandwiches.

Victoria Francisco: Product Specialist, Customer Success

"I am joining the team with 3 years of pharmaceutical MES experience. I will be helping to build MES solutions for our customers. In my spare time I like to travel, scuba dive and try to beat my family at card games. I married my husband, Dan, in 2020 and we have a cat (Fitz) and puppy (Maze). I had the great privilege of planning a wedding during COVID and married my husband in August of 2020. My husband is a Chiropractor which means I get the sole snuggles of our cat, Fitz, and dog, Maze, while I work remote during the day."
  • Superpower: Translating chemistry jargon.
  • My favorite things to do: Travel, scuba dive, and play cards with my family.
  • Where I’ve lived: Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Philadelphia.
  • An app I can’t live without: Spotify (although I hate to admit TikTok has become a contender for this spot.

Gustavo Reyes: SDR Manager, Marketing

"It's a pleasure to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people. I am joining as an SDR Manager and will be responsible for helping grow the SDR team, establishing sales enablement processes, and building net new logos for the sales team."
  • Superpowers: Cold calling & go kart racing.
  • Top 3 favorite things to do? Travel, outdoor activities such as hiking or camping, hanging with friends and family.
  • Where have you Lived: Chicago, Tulsa, Orlando, San Diego.
  • What is an app you can't live without? Spotify.
  • What annoys you the most? Traffic Jams :(
  • If you could meet any person for coffee, who would it be? Brian Tracy.

Natalie Schuyler: Sr. Trade Show & Events Manager, Marketing

"I am thrilled to have joined the Apprentice family. I will be responsible for the planning and execution of live and virtual events. Little nugget about my career path… I came from a series of Marketing roles in the B2B space where I managed highly effective global communication campaigns that supported sales, marketing, and stakeholder engagement objectives."

I am originally from the surf side of San Clemente, CA, then made a swift move to Colorado and eventually became a transplant four years ago in Austin, TX. I have a thirst for adventure; so when I'm not busy being a single Mom to my two kids (14 yr old daughter & 10 yr old son), you can find me at the lake, camping, riding dirt bikes, painting, concerts, or dancing and playing on my acoustic guitar). Like the lyrics from my favorite Eagles song, “Some dance to remember, some dance to forget…” today I dance to remember my new journey here at Apprentice.

  • Favorite App: Spotify & Ring Neighbors (people do silly things on camera) #pugmom.
  • Superpower: Not sure how super it is…but I have a knack for walking into a loud space and diffusing the noise around me while fully in-tune with the random song that is playing and recognizing the band, song, and even album.

Kelly Stewart: Content Marketing Director, Marketing

"I’m so excited to be joining the Apprentice Marketing team. I’ll be strategizing, optimizing, auditing, creating, and just generally obsessing over marketing content, from blog posts to infographics to white papers. Re: “superpowers,” I’m a huge fan of templates and process documentation: creating it, refining it, reading it, all of it! For a (slightly) less work-related superpower, I believe there’s an emoji for every occasion. I’m looking forward to learning all about Apprentice’s culture, people, and offerings."
  • My top 3 favorite things to do: Make playlists, ride my bike, and take endless pics of my cats.
  • Where I’ve lived: Maryland, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, and Chincoteague (pony island).
  • An app I can’t live without: Spotify.
  • What annoys me the most: Daylight Savings (why can’t we just have sunlight?).
  • If I could meet any person for coffee, it would be: Sir Patrick Stewart! And I’d sub the coffee for Earl Grey, hot.

Swayamsudha Swain: Product Specialist, Customer Success

"I have experience working with several end-to-end MES implementation projects onsite. Before joining here, I was working as MES consultant in Ireland. I joined as Product Specialist from India and became part of such an amazing team at Apprentice from 17th January. I will be involved in creating MES batch records for customers. I have finished my trainings and getting to know more about Apprentice and you all every day. Apart from being fun loving I am also a pet person (meet my buddies below) & nature lover. I would love to work with you all and learn from you."
  • Love to do: Travel, Pause & Pose, adventure activities, cycling.
  • Favorite way to pass the time: Cooking new recipes, shopping, hanging out with friends, coding.
  • Favorite app: Instagram.
  • My superpower: I can digest two pounds of Biriyani at once still can't get fat.
  • Most annoying thing: WFH.

Trevor Whitehurst: IT System Analyst, IT

"I am an IT System Analyst with Chaz’s Team. I will be supporting our internal people and clients with efficient technical solutions. People can come to me for a decent conversation — and support, I’m here to help!"
  • Superpowers: Noticing other people’s superpowers.
  • Top 3 favorite things to do? Video games, Watching ESPN, traveling.
  • Where have you lived? DC., MD, VA. NYC.
  • What is an app you can’t live without? Gmail.
  • What annoys you the most? Dropping food that I really wanted to eat.
  • If you could meet any person for coffee, who would it be? Elon Musk!

Eileen Whitener: Technical Writer, Learning & Development in Customer Success

"I'm a brainstorm buddy, puzzle identifier, wordsmith, and hype person. I develop written resources to help folks learn our software! Meet my family! My husband is a musician, my toddler is currently working on opening and shutting doors, and my cat is ancient and very patient with the rest of us."
  • Superpowers: Figuring things out through trial and error, and teaching writing for fun.
  • Favorite things to do: Bike rides, beach days, and family time.
  • Places lived: Hudson Valley & Central NJ.
  • App of choice: OneNote (Snagit and Slack are close contenders, though!).
  • Pet peeve: When autocorrect “corrects” the word I wanted.
  • Dream coffee buddy: This changes all the time, but today I'd pick Margaret Hamilton.

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