Say Hello to Tempo 7.0: What’s New in Our Latest Release

  • Published:
    Aug 15, 2023
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    Products & Solutions

Welcome to the future of life science manufacturing: Tempo 7.0.

The next evolution of our flagship Tempo Manufacturing Cloud, Tempo 7.0 brings a whole new level of deepened inventory functionality to commercial manufacturing, as well as a way to synchronize manufacturing operations across your enterprise with the Connected Manufacturing Network.

Read on to find out how Tempo 7.0 can let you set a new pace for your commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

Introducing Tempo 7.0

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Tempo 7.0, and dive into some of the most exciting new features and capabilities accompanying this release.

The 7.0 Release deepens Tempo’s existing features in its Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that support commercial production and adds a new product, the Connected Manufacturing Network (CMN), that creates a connected digital network across internal and external sites. 

So what does this mean for you? Streamlined execution capabilities with in-process integrations and automated navigation, letting you drive process decisions automatically and free up more time and resources across your team.

“We want to help our customers navigate today’s complex manufacturing environment as drug therapies become more specialized and scalability becomes more important.

With the 7.0 release, we’re building the technological innovation that will directly reduce cost, increase speed, and maximize yield of commercial manufacturing so that lifesaving medicines get to patients in need.”

— Angelo Stracquatanio, Apprentice CEO & Co-Founder

Take a Look: 7 Exciting New Features

To celebrate the launch of Tempo 7.0, we’ll walk you through seven of the latest features and capabilities we’re especially excited to debut in our latest release:

#1: Visual step builder

At a glance: Develop complex procedure workflows through a click-and-drag visual flow of steps for easier process design for scientists.

Building procedures in a list-based, step-by-step manner is a familiar approach, but what if your product recipes aren’t straightforward? We’ve got you covered.

With the visual step builder, your scientists will be able to create a visual flow of steps through click-and-drag functionality, enabling them to see and organize steps into the right order the first time right while they’re creating it.

#2: Conditional step navigation

At a glance: Guide an operator to one of several procedure step options using ‘if,’ ‘if then,’ or ‘else’ statements based on the result of the previous step.

As you can see above, visualizing and organizing steps is a key feature in this release. But we’re taking it one step further.

With conditional step navigation, you’ll be able to direct from one step to the next by using if, if then, or else statements.

This feature empowers you to fine-tune your guidance by letting you direct an operator forward, backward, repeat in a loop, and other directions all depending on what’s occurred in the step. 

#3: Automatic step execution

At a glance: Execute actions within a procedure step, such as calculations or scanning equipment, in addition to creating steps that connect to other equipment or even other systems with in-step integration.

Speed and accuracy is critical to the success of your drugs, and it comes as no surprise that the human element is where there’s opportunities for improvement.

Sadly, none of us are perfect. But, the good news is that you can automate execution of actions in procedures, minimizing risk of error and simultaneously speeding up the process.

Automatic step execution lets you execute actions whether contained within Tempo, such as calculations or scanning equipment, or ones that connect to other equipment and systems such as querying an integration.

#4: Kitting: A game-changer in efficiency 

At a glance: Use and consume predefined resource sets instead of searching for individual components in order to streamline procedures and save valuable time.

Introducing kitting — your solution for enhanced precision and productivity. With this innovative feature, you can wave goodbye to the complexity of searching for individual components.

Instead, effortlessly consume predefined resource sets that streamline your procedures.

This isn't just about making things easier; it's about ushering in a new era of flawless operations that reduce errors, accelerate material prep, and propel efficiency forward.

Kitting is especially important for cell and gene therapies due to the number of materials required for a procedure as well as the high time urgency and complexity of manufacturing these therapies.

#5: Introducing Remote Assistance

At a glance: Adapt to constant change during execution and drive faster reviews with real-time embedded video conferencing from a procedure run.

Imagine a world where collaboration knows no boundaries, where the expertise of your supervisors is just a click away. With our pioneering Remote Assistance feature, this world becomes your reality.

Operators can initiate real-time video conferencing within a procedure, transforming collaboration into a dynamic, instant experience. Efficiencies are maximized, decisions are expedited, and your manufacturing operations achieve new heights of precision and productivity.

#6: Web execution redefined

At a glance: Gain greater operational flexibility with the new ability to execute from your web browser, in addition to Tempo’s iPad and wearable headset.

In the fast-paced world of life science manufacturing, adaptability is everything. Whether you're creating life-altering medications or overseeing crucial procedures, our new web-based execution method gives your shopfloor teams another way to operate.

Whether you’re on iPad or desktop, headset or stainless steel workstation – you're in control. This level of operational flexibility enables your scientists, or yourself, to execute or test with whichever device suits the specific situation you’re in.

#7: Elevated integrations

At a glance: Start batch runs directly from an External DCS to support automated batch runs.

Unlock the power of seamless connectivity with our enhanced integration features. We've turbocharged the Tempo platform to kick-off batch runs directly from your External DCS.

This type of integration is the bedrock of a manufacturing environment that thrives on fluidity and agility, empowering you to command complex operations with unparalleled ease.

Take It to the Next Level with CMN

To level up your operations even further, consider combining Tempo 7.0 with our Connected Manufacturing Network package.

Tempo’s CMN enables you to drive value at the site-level, the enterprise-level, and across external partners. To achieve this, CMN brings together these four powerful capabilities:

  1. Product Lifecycle Data: Consolidate data for each stage of a drug’s lifecycle in one place.
  2. Enterprise Recipe Management: Optimize enterprise recipe management across environments and sites.
  3. External Manufacturing Collaboration: Ditch email and calls for automated communications.
  4. Tech Transfer: Quickly and easily move all your master resources and data.

These capabilities allow you to connect all your distributed teams and sites — both internal and external — to accelerate the end-to-end drug product lifecycle.


Closing Thoughts

The future of life science manufacturing is unfolding before your eyes.

Tempo Manufacturing Cloud's latest evolution isn't just a technological leap; it's a declaration that we're engineering a future where innovation can drive your commercial manufacturing success.

“We have a clear vision for building a product that can support the future of commercial manufacturing and connect enterprise-wide operations across internal and external sites and teams.

We will continue to uplevel our product capabilities and standardize our approach so that our customers can rely on one system for accelerating critical drug production.”

— Jean Barmash, Apprentice CTO

At Apprentice, we're pioneering the path to a life science revolution that's founded on enhanced features and amplified commercial functionality.

As we embark on this next step in our journey, rest assured — this is only the beginning.

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